Saturday, March 19, 2016

Farewell to Winter

Looking up our lane.
 God gave us a most beautiful goodbye from Winter this week. We had such a pretty, sticky snow that was all over the trees and the ground. It was beautiful to look out and rather magical to drive through some of the roads around here where the trees rather go over the road. I had fun going out to take a few photos at our place.
Our house in the Winter Wonderland.

The branches were heavily laden.

The river is nearly open and looking very pretty.
Since the river has opened up we have had so much fun watching all the swans, geese and ducks come floating or flying by. We have also been regularly seeing an immature eagle diving to try to catch a meal. One lunch time we had such fun watching 4 otters out on the ice diving in and out of the water. God has made so many different things. I am totally in awe!

 The last two days has caused the snow to melt again so we are properly ready for Spring. Tomorrow after church we are going to celebrate my dad's birthday at lunch and then start the boiling down of maple sap. What a wonderful way to start Spring!

 I still think we will quite likely get more snow (which would be good for the Maple sap season) but we shall see.


SpicingUpIdaho said...

Such a lovely goodbye to winter snowfall, I agree! I don't mind winter at all, but I am now looking forward to spring days... so awesome that you live close by the river where you can watch the beauty of the Lord's creation in action! How wonderful too that you can get your own maple syrup... where we live here, we don't have those kinds of trees, and can't do that. Have a wonderful day Abbi! :)

Abbi said...

Thanks for your kind comment. We do feel very blessed. We unfortunately don't have maple trees on our property either but we feel very blessed that my parents do and we are able to help them.


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