Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It Feels Like Spring!

Our family enjoys winter. In fact on Saturday Ken, the boys and I celebrated our enjoyment of winter with a day of skiing in Duluth. It was a beautiful day, just below freezing and the slopes were so fun!

 But as much as I like Winter I kind of really love Spring! Though Spring isn't officially here it feels like it is. It also has been sounding like Spring with the dripping of snow melting off of the roof and the call of the geese as they land out on the river by our house.

Here are some other signs of Spring:
 Tapping Maple trees over at my parents house.
 Boys going out without a coat and loving it.
 Beautiful sunshine creating big holes in the snow.
 Sap running.
 Baby goats sitting in the sunshine.
 Rivers in our driveway.
 "Logs" floating down the river. It is a log drive you know.
 Playing outside for hours.
 Creating more rivers in the driveway to help it drain. Fun that can keep our kids and music students busy for hours.
The real river getting holes in it's ice. Just up river from us it is quite open already. It will be soon here as well.

Lots of talk of weddings and flowers. I am gearing up for another season of doing wedding flowers to that means a Bridal Show on Saturday and plenty of consultations and quote writing.

 I figure we might get winter back again still this year - it is early after all. But we shall enjoy whatever God gives us and right now He is giving us Spring - mud and all and we are loving it!

  Yesterday was a super sunshiny warm day and it made me feel so happy and energetic. We have had so much going on lately that I have been really tired and that was just what I needed to get going again!

  Does it feel like Spring where you are too? What is one of your favorite things about Spring?


Nola said...

It does feel springish here, although not quite as far along as you are. We had freezing rain yesterday and the snowmen in our yard fell over due to the warmth. Its just above freezing here but its supposed to get a bit warmer than that soon too.

My favourite things about spring are tulips and spring flowers (and hopefully the ones we planted last fall here at our new house will come up), going on long walks in the warmer temperatures, biking again, pussy willows, blossoming trees, wildflowers in the woods, the sounds of birds chirping and singing a lot, robin eggs, planting a garden...so many things! I love each season for all that it has to offer. We've enjoyed winter this year too.

Amy and Mark said...

Wow! It is neat to see all the spring changes even with so much snow on the ground!

We live in Central Indiana and have had some beautiful spring weather as well. Yesterday it was 62 and we spent the whole day at the park and outside! Oh how we love spring!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

It is full spring mode here for us. Including spring raining. :) I love raising my windows, doing some simple grilling, freshening outside up and well as inside. Hitting the parks with the kids.

Abbi said...

Thanks for sharing your Spring favorites too!


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