Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Do You Care About Our Country?

 I feel very blessed to live in a Country that was founded on Christian principles. It was designed to allow people to live freely without an oppressive government and many rules that might prevent us from Worshiping God or being able to work and provide for our family.

  Our country was also designed so that ALL OF US - every common everyday citizen of our country (that is of age) could have a say in how our country is run. We are to be the ones in leadership and we are the ones that those elected to leadership represent.

  Unfortunately our country has been majorly straying from it's foundation of Christian principles. I also find that many people don't care to be involved in the process of electing leaders and holding them accountable. I believe this needs to change!!

  A couple of weeks ago I held an educational event for anybody who wished to come (but specifically targeted at Homeschool families) to help people to understand how our election process works and how we can truly make a difference. It was a really fun day and I felt very blessed with the turn-out and the interest that people showed. I believe that people do want to do what they can to help return America to it's founding principles but many didn't know how.

  Is that possibly true for you as well?

 Today in 13 states (Minnesota being one of them) we are holding either caucuses or primaries to choose who will be the nominee for each party.  This is a very simple way to get involved. It is also super important. We candidates who are very different from one another. Their are some who I think would be truly God fearing, would honor the constitution and try to live their lives according to what they read in the Bible. There are others that don't have any moral compass to guide their lives and so could make decisions that would take our country even farther away from God.

I encourage you. I beg you. Please go out and vote for someone who stands by God's word and the Constitution!

 Some of you need to go today, some of you will be next week or even later and a few of you live in states that have already had their chance. If you still have a chance- please go! Even if you don't know how a caucus or primary works just go - their will be volunteers there (I know I am heading off to volunteer in just a few minutes) that will help guide you through it. It really isn't that hard.


Nola said...

I agree that voting is very important, however, I don't live in the USA. :) However we take it seriously to vote. However sometimes it is very difficult to pick who to vote for...like there is no great choice. But its still important to make the best choice possible.

Elaine K said...

We went to our local caucus here in Blackduck and they said they had never had such a big crowd at a caucus here before. So nice!

Jennifer said...

It is looking like we might end up with two candidates in the end, who will have no desire to honor our Constitution or God. Thankfully there is the Convention of the States. Perhaps you've heard of it? If not check into that and get others to as well. It is an important tool we can use to help bring our country back. Article V in the Constitution provides a safety net, for such a time as this. All in all it's all in God's hands. :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

It is so important to vote and to be involved. How neat to host an event like that.

Abbi said...

Nola, It is so true that sometimes there is not a great choice. That was one of the reasons why I have been working to encourage people in my country to go to their caucus or primary so that they would get involved sooner while there were still some good candidates to choose from. I have found that often many Christians don't get involved at the beginning and then just find that the choices they have at the general election are pretty bad. We can fix that if enough of us get involved early. I am not sure if we will make it or not this year with putting a good candidate forward. We do have some very bad (but unfortunately, well liked) candidates that are doing well so far(Namely, Trump and the Democrats).

Elaine, I am so glad you made it to caucus. We did have a record turn-out this year.

Jennifer, I have heard of the convention of the states but I need to look into it more. When reading about it in the constitution however it doesn't sound that easy to pass things through that so I still think we should work really hard with our current methods of elections first and so if we can get a good president in that will help to get things going back in the right direction. You are so right that we don't need to worry because it is all in God's hands. I keep reminding myself of this - that even if our country falls God can work through that. But while we have time I will fight to get out country back on track if at all possible.

Mrs. Chrissy, Thank you! I hope to share more about the "We The People Day" soon.


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