Sunday, February 28, 2016

Daily Bible Reading Challenge

 This past week and this weekend have been very full. We had a Retreat at our church and we had much to do to prepare for it and all the company that we would have during it. We had 3 families (18 people total) stay with us at our house and then this weekend much time has been spent at the church building. The Retreat was a big blessing to us but now that it is over we are tired.

  In the business of this past week somehow I misplaced the paper that I was right down my scripture highlights from the week. I did manage to read every (though over the weekend not quite as much) but I didn't always manage to write it down and then I lost what I did write down. But anyway...

   I read from Genesis, Exodus (my personal naptime reading), John (aloud to the kids in the AM), Song of Solomon (My morning reading) and Psalms (To the kids in the afternoon).

 In reading from the book of Song of Solomon I kept looking for a scripture that perhaps I might want to share with you but to be honest I didn't find one that I wanted to write out and talk about. But at the same time I do think it is a good book. It reminds me of how God created men and women to love each other and to have an intimate, wonderful relationship. It leaves me in awe of our wonderful God who gave so much to us to enjoy. It also does prompt me to nurture my relationship with my husband and to fully enjoy it.

  I had been reading in the end of Genesis this month so it was neat when at the Retreat this weekend to have the preacher take a deeper look at those chapters as well. He was showing us the story of Judah and how Judah had majorly sinned but that he had acknowledged his sin and it seems changed and then he was very much blessed. He, the 4th son, was blessed above any of the other of his brothers and God sent his Son through Judah's line. Judah had said in Gen. 38:26 "....She is more righteous than I...." We also need to recognize our sins and our need to God and then we can turn our life around.

   I will plan on having a more complete Bible reading report next week. How did your reading go this week? Would you like to share anything that you learned or were motivated by?

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