Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Working on Megan's Room

 Way back in November (before Thanksgiving, when Ken's parents came to visit) we walled in the bedroom in our basement. We thought it would be nice to have a place that they could stay while they were here without anybody else needing to move. We had been given a nice bed when a friend moved and so we were able to set it up nicely.

  The room isn't truly finished but it has walls, a doorway (with just a curtain at the moment, but the door arrived Friday so it is ready to put in), a window and a bed. After Ken's parents left Megan wanted to use it. The plan was for that to be her room eventually but I wasn't sure about yet - after all it wasn't done and I wasn't sure I wanted her two floors down from me. But the girls were both eager to have their own room and so we agreed to it. She moved down just partly (her dresser was still up in Mara's room) and has been living that way for a couple of months. Saturday we decided to finally get her officially moved in and do a bit of cleaning and decorating.
  Megan is our resident artist. She draws all of the times and we often have piles of pictures around the house. So because her walls are not yet mudded or painted and since it would be nice to have a place for all the pictures we decided to use them for wallpaper in her room. She has more drawing to do as it didn't even cover one wall but she is excited about that.
Megan is also a doll collector. She is trying to get a wide variety of dolls collected (hence the making of the wax doll for Christmas) We decided to put some of her unique hand made dolls on her dresser.

I also told Megan that if she wanted to draw on her wall and paint a picture (that will get covered up eventually) that would be fine. She was pretty excited about that plan. So the beginning of a nature scene (with a hill, trees, flowers and a river) is going up on her wall. How fun to see creativity at work. The fixing up is making her basement bedroom more fun and exciting and giving her a creative outlet too. That is a win-win in my opinion.

   Have you ever let your kids draw on their walls? :-)


Nola said...

This looks like fun. My 7 year old is artistic, and I let her draw on our "floor" right now. We have thick paper like cardboard covering some of our floors since the sub floor wasn't in a good shape to walk on once we ripped out the carpets. I am looking forward to my new floors soon. The cardboard stuff might be good for drawing on, but its not easy to clean. When it gets really dirty we replace it.

It looks to me like Megan is a really good artist! Great work!

Amy and Mark said...

What a fun idea! This is an experience and memory she is sure to treasure!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

How fun. My daughter would love that idea.

Nola said...

I also wanted to ask- do you find it a challenge to contain all the artistic creations? My daughter makes so many things...and she wants to keep it all, but we don't have a big house and her room is small and she shares it with her sister...it gets to be a bit much. I try to help her go through it all and keep only special pieces but its so difficult since to her its all special. I love that she is artsy but its hard to know how to handle it all! So many paper creations and cardboard creations!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a fun idea to use your daughter's creations to decorate with! I think it is a perfect and amazing idea! I would definitely let my daughter paint her masterpiece on the wall! We have thought about having our daughter, who is working on being a professional artist and who is taking advanced art classes in college, to paint a nature scene on one of our walls one day.

Anyway, I say go for it! Let her creativity go! Do share the pictures when she has finished her masterpiece with us :)

Abbi said...

Nola, That is fun that your kids have an opportunity to draw on your floor just now. When we were in the building process the boys had fun drawing a big map on the floor to play a game with.
About dealing with an abundance of art. We totally have had to deal with this too! :-) One thing that I did was give her a box that she could keep all her art pieces in (it was big enough to probably fit a 1000 or so pieces of paper) and if there got to be to many for that then we needed to let go of some. We have always tried to have a place to hang some really special ones on the wall and then I have also tried to send a bunch away to grandparents and other people that we right letters too. That way it was out of our house, the child thought it was cool to send it as a letter and it brightened the day of the receiver and they could then dispose of it or save it as they wished. I have also made envelopes out of art if the child was willing. I hope those ideas help.

Thanks to all of your for your sweet comments. I will indeed try to put a finished picture when we get to that point.


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