Thursday, February 18, 2016

Super Glue to the Rescue!

  One of my very favorite hobbies is to take something that is broken or worn out and either fix it or repurpose it in some way. This week I was able to do that with the help of a little 50 cent tube of super glue. I was pretty happy with the result.
The cast of characters for this fixing day (from left to right in the picture above):

  • A mug that had been given to Mara for her birthday back in September. It got bumped and the handle broke off within the first month.
  • A beautiful mug that Ken gave to me for Christmas. It features a picture of loons on a lake (or river) and says the name of our town on it. It got chipped during the dish washing process last month.
  • Megan's new (from a 2nd hand store) China doll. She had bought it at the end of January. When she and I were cleaning up her room I arranged her China dolls on a shelf. I tried putting some up high so that little kids that came to visit wouldn't mess with them (as we have a lot of little kids that come to our house). Megan was a bit concerned about the location but I thought that I had her safely up there. That night or the next day she came up crying - her doll had fallen and her head was very broken. Thankfully the wig was helping to hold some of the pieces together. I felt really bad!
  • Mara's favorite drinking cup that one of her brothers broke on accident.

I wasn't sure if we would truly be able to fix them all, but look!!!
The cups seem to be holding very sturdily together. I enjoyed drinking hot chocolate from my mug this evening.

 Megan's doll thankfully had her face all in one piece and I glued and glued and got the rest to fit together. We then pulled the hair down to cover the cracks along the side of her face and then for her little hole in the neck we covered it with a piece of ribbon. Megan is very happy to have her fixed up again.

   Mission accomplished! How fun to be able to just spend 50 cents and maybe 1/2 hour and have 4 items that are once again usable. I did have very messy fingers too but the glue is gradually wearing off. :-)

  Do you ever fix things up with super glue?


Carmen N said...

My husband just fixed something for me yesterday; there was a little plastic piece covering a metal support on my Fitbit but it wouldn't stay on. He super-glued it and now it's fine. Super glue is a wonderful thing :)

Mrs Shoestring said...

Gosh, you are both so brave, I have never dared use superglue, would be too worried about sticking my fingers together, maybe I should follow your good example !

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have used it on my cell phone to keep my sims card in. It works!

Abbi said...

Carmen and Chrissy, How fun that you all were able to fix things with super glue too! :-)

Mrs. Shoestring, I have glued my fingers together before but it is never very permanent so I don't worry about it to much. :-)

Mara C. said...

I've been having fun reading over your posts. Actually I broke my cup myself. It was a sad experience, so I'm glad you fixed it.


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