Saturday, February 20, 2016

Master Bedroom Tour

 In my very slow tour of our house I am ready to show you the Master Bedroom Suite today. There are still things that I would like to add to it - curtains, throw rugs, a throw pillow for the chair and a deck for our sliding door but I decided to share pictures now and then I can update later.

   The picture above is what you see when you walk in the door. Eventually we will put a deck out the sliding door but for now that door is screwed shut. Out of our window you can see our neighbors' house. This is the closest we have been to neighbors in a long time but as much as I love country living I am rather loving close neighbors. The neighbors there, have been so nice (truly all of them have been) and we have come to consider them pretty much like another set of Grandparents. We discovered this window is a good place to "spy" on them which we had fun doing on May Day after Aaron had run over with a May Basket and hung it on their door, rang the bell and came running back. Alice came out to check on it and then went to find Merle, who I think was in the shed and they discussed it and then she went back in and promptly called us to say she was a little suspicious of us having hung up the basket. That is a fun memory. They are down to Texas for the winter and we are missing them.
This is a picture of our room from the other way. The bed set Ken bought as a birthday/anniversary gift for me in 2014. We had been wanting a nice bed frame for years but were picky about looks and price. We are enjoying this one. The quilt on the bed I made for our anniversary in 2009.
 And the view from another way.
 A peek into our closet. My hats kind of predominate. :-)
 This is our bathroom. After going for the woodsy/natural look in much of the house we decided it would be fun to have a little fancier look in here.
  We decided to have a walk-in/open shower.
The shower was probably the most challenging project that I tackled in this house. It is nice to now be able to use it and appreciate it every day. The link above goes to a post with a lot more details on our shower.

 The view of the bathroom from the shower. Yes, the window curtain is very high on my priority list! :-) Thankfully we live in the woods and this faces North - not towards our neighbors.

   Our Master area is over top of our attached garage. That sometimes makes for a little chillier floors in the winter but it isn't bad. Over all we are very happy with our special area.


Mrs Shoestring said...

What a lovely room, all that wood really makes it special !

Amy and Mark said...

I love the shower! I remember the original post about the rock floor but didn't remember the rocks on the wall as well. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Carmen N said...

I love your Master Bedroom - especially the soft green color (at least that's how it appears). I'm sure you'll enjoy it for years to come!

Nola said...

I love the wood floors in your house. I decided to get the same colour and also oak, and we ordered them last week. I am very excited to have flooring since it is very hard to clean right now without flooring! Also it will look great.

I love your master bedroom. Does your bed frame have working drawers on the end? I can't quite see if it also does on the sides. We don't have a bed frame other than the metal one that came with the mattress, but someday we would like to get one. We were considering drawers but wondered if that was practical. We have a small bedroom so I was thinking it might help.

I love how your house is beautiful yet practical and not "over the top" with fanciness they way it seems a lot of people build homes when they build their own. It suits your family and your location so well. You've done a great job.

Nola said...

I also meant to ask you...what do you do to clean your wood floors? Do you sweep or vacuum? Do you wash them with something? I had wood floors at my old house but I didn't know that certain cleaners can wreck the finish. I use all natural cleaners but I now know certain things aren't safe for the wood. I also wonder about a vacuum wrecking it.

angie said...

I have the same rock flooring in my shower, and also on the bathroom floor. Unique!
Your bedroom, closet, and bathroom are very neat and low on clutter. That makes for a very peaceful retreat.

Abbi said...

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. I do truly love hearing from you!

Mrs. Shoestring - we are bit wood fans around here as you probably could tell. :-)

Amy - Yes, I decided it would be fun to add some rocks to the wall too. I actually had to do the walls first before the floor in the shower and then when I got down to the floor I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough rocks left or not - I did, but barely!

Carmen- The walls are indeed a very soft green. We really like it.

Nola - that is exciting about your getting wood floors. I hope they go in easily for you and that they are just what you wanted. As far as cleaning them - I sweep and mop. With mopping I just use water. I used to always mop with vinegar (at our other homes) but I heard that wasn't good for real wood floors. I do occasionally put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in. Our bed does have working drawers on the end and I do really like having that extra storage space. Drawers on the side would be great but this bed doesn't have them.

Angie - that is pretty cool that you also have rock flooring. I haven't seen it anywhere else.


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