Friday, February 19, 2016

Frugal Friday

 How did your week go for being frugal? Ours went pretty well. Here are some of the ways that we lived frugally:

  • I fixed the objects in the picture about using a 50 cent tube of super glue. You can read more about that here.
  • I processed some squash up that we had been storing. I used every bit of it - the flesh is for us to eat, the seeds I made into a snack for us as well and then the skins and any bad seeds went out to feed the chickens and ducks. 
  • Mara and Jonathan were needing new jeans (those kids just keep growing on me!) and so I stopped in quickly to look at a thrift store. I found 2 pairs for Mara (one might end up being for me instead) for 50 cents each so that was nice. I am going to have to keep looking for Jonathan.
  • I also found 2 old hardcover books for free at the thrift store. They were in pretty good shape and seemed like fun old stories.
  • I made up a batch of laundry soap.
  • I was able to use a 7 cents off per gallon of gas coupon when I filled up yesterday.
  • We had thought we would go downhill skiing this evening but decided to stay home and work on building projects in the basement instead. This definitely saved us money and got some work done too. That was especially nice just now as next weekend we have a lot of company coming and we are trying to get ready for it. My parents came over to help some this afternoon too. My Dad installed the door to Megan's room as well as doing other things and Mom helped me in cleaning up the basement. I am very blessed.
  • I mended an old sleeping bag by sewing a used sheet inside. Now it should be warmer and more comfortable and be usable even longer.
  • Jonathan made "Cream of Wheat" for breakfast the other day by simply grinding wheat in our grinder and then bringing water to a boil and whisking the flour in until it is all smooth. We also added a little almond flavoring. It tastes like the store bought "Cream of Wheat" but is much cheaper.
Did you work on any frugal projects? I would love to hear about your week.


Mrs Shoestring said...

Big frugal project for today was going through the photographs from last Summer and uploading them to make a photo book, the book was free using a voucher that Mr Shoestring got last year which was about to expire ! So glad we got that done, you must be so happy with the progress in the basement !

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Love the idea of sewing a sheet in the sleeping bag. Way to save and be thrifty friend.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Oh one thing I did for this week was purchase snacks and simple eats for our hotel room during our getaway. This saved a lot of money. What I spent on snacks, sandwich meat, and drinks for a few days would have been one meal at a restaurant for family.

Abbi said...

Oh, I like the ways that both of you saved money! I have been thinking how fun it would be to make another photo book too and I am beginning to look for a deal. I also have found that packing food on trips can be a huge money saver! Sometimes it is nice to just go out to eat but mostly packing food works great and it does surely save.


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