Saturday, April 2, 2016

16 Ways to re-purpose pallets

I really enjoy re-purposing things as many of you know. There is just such a joy for me to take something that most people think is trash and to turn it into something useful and often beautiful. This month I thought it would be fun to try to share a bunch of posts with lists of various ways to re-purpose various trash that is in our lives. The first one that I decided to do was on re-purposing pallets.

Pallets aren't generally things that every person has around to throw out but they are still quite common in our society and we have been able to get them free in abundance. Here are some of the ways we have gotten pallets:

  • Construction stuff for our home was delivered on them.
  • Large items (like a table for the church building) are delivered on them.
  • We can pick them up free at a local lumberyard.
I have also noticed them out behind an appliance and yard machines store. Just start asking around - I think you will find some pallets that you can have.

Now what can you do with all those pallets?

You can.....

Have you ever re-purposed pallets? I would love to hear what you made!


SpicingUpIdaho said...

I have seen so many amazing things made out of pallets... thank you for sharing all of these inspiring ideas to make things with them!!!

Abbi said...

People can get pretty creative - can't they. I love it!


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