Friday, April 8, 2016

20 New Uses for Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are a pretty common item in most households I think. Rather than just tossing them perhaps you could use them for something else.....

You could.....

-Put eggs in them again. We do this a lot as we have our own ducks and chickens that produce eggs (though we still seem to end up with an abundance of cartons - I don't know why). If you buy eggs from a farmer they quite likely would appreciate the cartons back so they could re-fill them again.

-Use them for fire starter. They work quite well.

-Make temporary chick feeders with them. I guess I don't have any pictures of how we fixed it up but we just used the compartments to put the feed in , cut off the lid but then glued a piece of Styrofoam kind of on top (but not completely - so they could still eat) that would prevent them from sitting in the food. We have a few baby chicks at our place now - Aaron bought 3 chicks last week when we were out and about. He hopes to enter them in 4-H which is why we needed some new ones.

 -Use them to make flowers for May Day baskets or any Spring decoration.

-Make beautiful daffodils

-Beautiful Roses

-A veterans day wreath.

- Make faux cotton stems for decoration.

-Use an egg carton to play Mancala (use beans as your pieces).

Make a doll house toilet bowl from styrafoam egg cartons. We have fun making a whole Barbie house from trash quite a few years back. It was a great project.

-Cute little egg carton Chickens (written in another language but the pictures are good enough to follow without words.

-Adorable little whales.

-Very cute and rather intricate hedgehogs made from egg cartons.

-A very sweet Panda

-Make some busy bees.

-A fun 3-D tea cup card.

-Use them for young children to do sorting in.

-Use them for paint palettes.

-Make a bunny nose mask.

-Make a chicken mask or various other animal nose masks.

What do you do with your old egg cartons?


Amelia said...

Really cute ideas Abbi! The little doll commode is so unique and creative! I appreciate that especially because my girls would make dollhouse furniture when they were little. : )

Thank you for sharing!

Abbi said...

Thanks Amelia! I hope you are doing well!


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