Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Tip for Getting Up in the Morning

Do you ever have trouble getting up in the morning? I do sometimes. There are days that I simply do not feel like getting up early. The bed is to warm and comfortable and I wouldn't mind sleeping a little longer.  But I have found a sure fire way that does get me out of bed.

 This isn't "new" to me I believe I have heard this from others before and it is simple but just in case you are having trouble in this area and haven't tried this yet I thought I would just share that it is working for me. It is...

Put your alarm clock somewhere across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off!

I know this probably won't work for people that don't seem to even notice the alarm. I know that my roommate, Christy, in my college days tried this trick and all that happened is that I would get tired of the alarm clock going off so I would jump down from my upper bunk and turn it off and then shake her awake. But this has been working very well for both my daughter Mara and I.

Of course if you want to get up early it does pay to go to bed in decent time. We are created to need a certain amount of rest and can be much sweeter and more productive if we get it. At least that is what I have found.

Do you have any tricks for getting out of bed in the morning? What is your morning routine?


Nola said...

I struggle with this SO much and always have. When I was a child my Mom would tell me that I had to wake myself up, and if I did not, I would be late for school. I didn't care! That sounds awful but its true. The alarm across the room thing doesn't even work for me since I tend to just get up, turn it off, and get back into bed! I have been praying about this for a while. Its a bad habit of mine. I tend to get up when the kids need me. Its not a nice way of starting the morning.

Abbi said...

Nola, I will be praying for you in this area. I know that I just simply had to make a decision that it would not be okay to go back to bed - because otherwise that could indeed be a temptation. I am thinking though that I might remember that you have some medical issues with fatigue - is that correct? If so you are dealing with a lot more and have a different sort of issue than I have.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Getting up in the morning has been a bit of a struggle for me too, but I find that if I just sit up in the bed for a few minutes and pray quietly after I shut the alarm off, then I am ready to start my day. I also keep a water bottle by my bed, and drink quite a bit of water as I sit up as well, and this helps me wake up as well. I enjoyed your tip of putting the alarm across the room, although that probably wouldn't work for me because I need to rise slowly and awake slowly, and then get moving. But that's just me :) Hope you have a lovely day!

Abbi said...

Thank you for the additional tips! Those are some good ideas.

Nola said...

Hi Abbi,

Yes, its true, I do have some health issues, and part of this is that I actually wake more tired than when I go to bed. I also sometimes wake many times at night. So that does play a part in my morning, but I do want to improve since really it does help me when I get up and get moving. If I am tired I would get more done if I got up and had a nap later than if I struggled to get up and then had to rush to get things done. I appreciate you praying for me, thank you.

I was thinking more on the waking up thing and I thought that if I put a washcloth in a dish by my alarm clock then I could wash my face with it in the morning (even just the damp cloth) and that might help since I know that helps when I do that in the bathroom. But its hard to make it there before getting back in bed. :)

Abbi said...

I hope your new idea is helping! That is hard to get up when you don't feel rested. May God continue to give you strength!


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