Thursday, April 26, 2012

May Baskets - A Paper Project

 Today we had some fun making May baskets. May baskets are something I have long found fun to make. They are a Spring sort of thing to do, they allow me to get crafty with my kids and then we have a lot of fun delivering them when we are done.

 This year I thought it would be fun to take them to a couple of apartment buildings one where an older lady from church lives and another where some handicapped people from church live. We thought that perhaps they would enjoy a May basket hanging on their door.

 Today our friend Emily from church came over and helped us make some baskets. She is hoping to deliver some baskets to an apartment building where an older man from church lives. Hopefully we can all spread a lot of sunshine and God's love!

  We had a lot of fun creating. We made some easy baskets like this one....
 A cone made out of some old music (leftover from a wreath I made) adorned with a simple paper flower and trimmed with lace.

 Another easy "basket" that we made was to add a handle and some decorations to an old pocket from some jeans.

  We also had fun making some time consuming baskets like this one....
We rolled paper and glued them around a base which is from a milk carton.

What a lot of fun we had recycling!

We are also working on making flowers. We made a bunch out of egg cartons- Jonathan and I cut a bunch to the proper shape and then Mara painted them and glued them on some stems that I had saved when I was putting together some silk wedding flowers (there is a lot of stem cut off when you make a corsage or boutonniere). I then punched out little yellow centers (using a snowflake punch) and glued them in place. I think they are very pretty. We will be putting flowers in our baskets and then adding a tag that says "Happy May Day" and has a Bible verse on it.
Have you ever made May Day baskets?

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