Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bringing Beauty into our Home

I said on Sunday that I was going to work on cleaning and making our home more beautiful this week. I did try to work on it and we made progress during the first part of this week but the end up getting quite busy and the house kind of took a back seat.

Here is some beauty that was added however:
 On Sunday I added my newly done rug to our entry way. I like the way it looks.

 On Monday I rearranged things on my little shelf to add things that were more springy and move out the stuff that still looked a bit wintry. I found some sweet little violets to pick and display. I think they are beautiful but the certainly make a teeny tiny flower arrangement!
 On Tuesday Megan and I found this table runner and some doilies to add to our table along with candles.
 On Wednesday Mara went on a walk early before breakfast and brought in some sweet little flowers that are blooming. We do love this season!

On Thursday we worked on getting things ready for May baskets and we made some flowers out of egg cartons. We plan on giving them away on May day but for now we are enjoying their beauty.

On Friday we were quite busy. I didn't add anything to make our home more beautiful but I did get rid of some clutter by taking books to a homeschool book sale (and having a table there- unfortunately we didn't sell much as not a lot of people came but I will try to get rid of the books and things that I decluttered in another way now.

Today was again quite busy as I was at the book sale this morning, we went to sing at a home for elderly at 1 and then I had to drive (50 minutes each way) and pick up my bees. We are excited that another year of beekeeping has begun!

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