Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is biking time again!!

 It has been warm for a while and I have been wanting to do some biking but we had some bike issues- Megan had basically outgrown the trailer (at least she and Ken thought so) and Mara and Aaron's bikes were both having troubles.

   We ordered a Wee-ride for Megan off of Amazon and it arrived last week and we have been putting it to work this week. She likes it quite well and it works well. I have her attached behind my bike (though Mara is with her in the pictures above) and I hardly notice that I have her on behind except for a little sway, some singing (smile) and a request every so often to not pedal so that she can do all the pedaling.

  Yesterday morning Ken left for work forgetting the lunch I had packed for him. Thinking it might be fun I suggested to the kids that if they worked hard and fast on their school books and got done by 11:30 then we could ride into town and deliver the lunch and go to the library. They suggested that we also have a picnic which did sound fun.
  A little motivation can certainly make children work! Jonathan is especially inspired by this sort of motivation. He generally takes the longest to do his work but yesterday he was fast! He was the first one done and then got all the bikes out and got them ready to go. (Mara was able to ride Ken's bike and Aaron made do using Mara's- we do have a new bike ordered for Mara now - a Forge- I am hoping it works well, and we are figuring out how to get Aaron's fixed.)
 After dropping of Ken's lunch we went down by the lake to picnic and have a little fun.
 Jonathan even decided to do a little reading while out on the dock.
 A goofy picture of Mara and I.

As we were riding to the library we happened to pass by the Art Center (an old and historic Carnegie Library) and noticed it was open and since we had never been in there we decided to check it out.
 There were a lot of pictures and other artwork by highschoolers as well as some other artists. It added some fun variety to our day.
 Jonathan is really enjoying the Hardy Boy books lately. He has been quite the bookworm since we got home with more books. Once he gets them read then we will see a little more of him again.

 The kids that it was a fabulous day to be able to go biking, on a picnic and to the library. They have been requesting to daddy that he will forget his lunch more often. :-)

Here are a couple more odds and ends of pictures:
 Megan and Aaron had fun making caves and castles in the sandbox.
We have a stair step family (minus me!). I guess we missed the point in time when I could fit in this picture- though I am a little higher on Ken than Mara is.

How is your Spring going? Have you been biking lately?


Melissa said...

I really love the stair step photo of your family!!


There's nothing better than bike riding time!!!!!

Nola said...

I will miss bike riding this year, but my baby girl is worth it! By next year she will be in the bike trailer. This year we have, like last year, my oldest on a tag-along bike (like your daughter's wee ride) and behind that, we attached our bike trailer with our 3 year old. They are both behind my husband's bike. Fun! They love it.


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