Friday, April 6, 2012

Kids shopping for our supper

Enjoying the junk food supper that they bought.
   Last week I had some grocery shopping to do and before we went Megan was thinking about taking a dollar that she had along to buy something. That got me to thinking that it might be fun to give each of the kids one dollar and see if together they could buy stuff for our supper.

 The kids thought that sounded like fun so when we got to the store I gave them each a dollar and then as they went around with me while I bought the things we needed -they kept an eye out for what they could buy for supper.

   In the produce section Mara considered buying a cucumber and a can of Mandarin oranges but then Megan found a marked down produce bag with a pound of strawberries and a couple of potatoes in it for 99 cents that she decided to get. Mara decided that would take care of our veggie/fruit needs so she decided that she would keep looking.

  Aaron decided to get 2 Totinos pizzas which were 2/ $1 (with a coupon) and Jonathan was going to get two as well but then noticed Mac and Cheese which was also 2 /$1 and he got two boxes of that.

   Mara didn't find anything in that store (as she had decided she had better get dessert) but at Dollar Tree (which is next door) she found cookies.
  Once at home they had fun fixing the supper too. It was quite unhealthy but a fun experience for once in a great while. I wanted some of Megan's strawberries for something else so I "traded" some bananas for strawberries and some whipping cream for the potatoes. Mara whipped up the cream and Megan had fun cutting up the fruit to make a yummy salad.

  Next time we go shopping I think it would be fun to try this again but see if we can find healthy foods instead. This summer I think it would be fun to do something like this at the farmer's market though I think I may need to give them more than $1 each.

   Do you take your kids shopping and teach them about using money? This was a fun way to do that.

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Becky R said...

So sweet. When we were kids my mom would give us $10 to plan a healthy dinner.
My kids help plan food, but we only have $300 a month, which is $10 a day so we have to be very frugal.


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