Sunday, April 22, 2012

Making our world a little more beautiful

 God has given us a beautiful world! He made beautiful people, plants, music, animals, lakes, sky.... the list goes on and on!

   Though I can't improve on the beauty that God made, I can help to clean up things that are messy, I can share some of the beauty that I have with others, I can help others to see the beauty.

  The kids and I were talking today and we decided that for the month of May we are going to see if we can do something every day to help our world look a little more beautiful. Whether it be picking up the trash in the ditches, giving somebody a bouquet of flowers, weeding our garden, sharing music at the nursing home or even sending a pretty card in a pretty envelope (so the postman can get in on the beauty too!) off in the mail, we are going to try to do something every day to spread some beauty beyond the walls of our home.
  I thought it would be fun to take pictures every day of whatever we do and then on Saturdays (probably in the evening) I will share pictures from the week. I also thought it would be lots of fun if any of you would like to join us in spreading beauty around. I don't plan on have a linky but I would love it if you would blog about what you are doing and then come and leave a link in the comments of my posts or just tell about what you are doing in the comment section.
  Meanwhile before May gets started we are going to work at making our home beautiful- through some good cleaning and hopefully adding a special touch of beauty each day. I will try to report on that at the end of this week too.

  Do you appreciate beauty? Do have suggestions for fun ways that I and my children can share beauty with others?


Lady Violet said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. Too bad we don't live a little closer. The countryside around here is beautiful, the vineyards are shooting, the wild irises are in full flower,there are hundreds of insects, birds and animals flocking in to spend their summer with us...and then there are the people who live their lives in the fast lane with no thought for what others might have to see after they have dumped.

Misty said...

Sounds wonderful..Looking forward to reading those post :)


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