Thursday, April 12, 2012


 It was an exciting day at our house as a package we had ordered from Amazon arrived. The item that created the most excitement was an air soft gun that Jonathan had ordered. We waited until Ken got home this evening and then a little target practicing was done.
 Jonathan was generous to let the rest of us try it out too.
This is not a "real" gun but we will treat it basically as if it were as this could hurt an eye or perhaps something else if it hit someone. We think that hitting a target is a good skill to learn and Jonathan also plans to help keep chipmunks out of our garden. In my goal of encouraging my boys to be manly I think this is a good thing.

 It is fun to see my kids grow up!


Becky R said...

My son got a bb gun this week. He has been practicing shooting a can.

Lady Violet said...

Wow, such open space and are blessed.
My boys do this, too, but they use empty coca-cola bottles as targets!
Have a nice day!

Gaertegang said...

My boys live their air soft guns!! Great fun!

Abbi said...

Sounds like there are a bunch of happy boys! :-)

Lady Violet,
We are truly blessed with green places to roam. I do really enjoy it here in Northern MN!


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