Monday, April 23, 2012

A Rug for April

  This year I set a goal of making a rag rug every month- preferably each one by a different method. Well I am not sure if I will be able to follow through with doing all the different methods as I think I have found a new method that I really, really like! I think I want to make more rugs like this!

  This latest rug I made using an old worn out sheet (We had gotten it when we were first married and it had gotten very thin with some actual holes worn through in places) and 4 old dress shirts. the method of making it involves multi strand braiding. It may look a little complicated but it is really pretty easy and quite fun!

 Here is the link to  Homestead Weaver where they have great instructions (with pictures!) that I followed to make this rug. I didn't ever go beyond a 6 strand braid however (they suggest going up to 8 strands) as I thought that seemed like more strands than I wanted to keep track of.
  This rug needs no crochet hook or any other tools. You simply need strips of cloth and your very versatile hands!
The rug lies nice and flat and has found a spot to "rest" down in our entry way.

Here are the other rugs that I have made so far:

January's rug
February's rug
March's rug
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Jenny said...

That is so pretty! It looks really effective.

I am tempted to learn to make rag rugs but always thought they were really time consuming. I have a lot of crafty hobbies already!

Lady Violet said...

These rugs look very professional and must be quite useful. I wouldn't mind making one to stand on while I wash the plates in the kitchen, as the floor is so cold. However do you find time to do this kind of thing? Do you sleep, too ;D
Blessings to all.

Becky R said...

That is so cool. I really like it.

homesteadweaver said...

Nice job on the braided rug!

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody for the compliments! I really enjoyed making this rug and hope to make another one like it soon.

Lady Violet,
I do indeed sleep! :-) I generally get around 8 hours a night and a 20 minutes nap too.
But anyway, often when I work on rugs like this is while we are reciting our scripture memory work every school morning, or while I have the younger two kids read aloud to me and other times like that. I am blessed to have several chunks of time available that I can work on something with my hands while my brain is busy with something else.

Illoura said...

Fantastic idea and beautiful results... you have not only courage (to take up such a challenge) but talent and stamina.
It makes such projects seem much less intimidating when you share your success, and I thank you for it!

Unknown said...

Hi Abbi, I really like your rug. I have some sheets that the kids ruined that won't fit my next bed, so I was thinking about making them into a rug.


Abbi said...

Thank you so much, Eva! Sheets work great for making this sort of rug. You can easily tear them into long pieces to braid.


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