Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funny Cameras that you can make! {A Paper Project}

    This past weekend I was reading Megan a story on Saturday afternoon and in the story it talked about some kids that made a pretend camera and then drew pictures that they pretend were the pictures that they took. We enjoyed the story, and for me it brought back memories of when I was a child and I read the story and then proceeded to make a pretend camera too. Megan thought that sounded like fun so I said I would help her make a camera.

  We found a little box that we covered in black paper, added a milk jug lid and a flat glass marble for the lens, a button for the button and some ribbon for the strap.
  We then cut up some pieces of scrap paper (we save all junk mail and such paper that has clean backs so we can use it for drawing, lists, notes, crafts and such) into photo size and Megan drew people on them.
  We had an opening in the Camera so that the pictures could fit inside. After she took someones picture -"Click!"- she could then pull the picture out of her camera and see just how funny they looked.
 This is the book that inspired us and some of the pictures she drew.

The boys were busy doing other things while we made this but as soon as they saw it they wanted to make one too.
 Jonathan used an old watch box that was already black and made his unique.
 Aaron wanted one just like Megan's.
 Now we have many photographers around this house!
 We can even take pictures of each other taking pictures.
 If you want to simple fun, try your hand at camera making with your kids!


Becky R said...


Becky R said...


Travis said...

Fun, I remember that story. ~Anna

Anonymous said...

I made one of those cameras to,and I have taken many pictures to.

~Beatrice Mae ~

Anonymous said...

Love the camera idea, will make one with my six yr old grandson next time he comes over. Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your site. What a beautiful family you are. May God's blessing be on you all.

Abbi said...

Thanks everyone!


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