Friday, April 27, 2012

I don't buy..... Envelopes

For quite a while now I have not bought envelopes for personal use though I do still use purchased ones for my business and sometimes to give away with card sets that I have made.

For letters that I send I think it is much more fun to use envelopes that I make using magazine and calendar pages. I know people enjoy receiving these envelopes too.
When we make these envelopes we also save a little money (not a lot as envelopes aren't generally that expensive - but still every bit counts- and since card sized envelopes do cost more- the savings is more significant since I make my envelopes bit enough to hold the cards that I make), we reuse something that would otherwise be discarded, we have a fun time making a craft and we bring a smile to the face of others when we use them.
 To make the envelopes I made a pattern by folding a paper around a card and then cut it so that there would be flaps on each side. Next I use my pattern and trace around it. Next I cut it out. Then I fold in the edge flaps and then the top and bottom flaps. I generally seal it with tape and then use address labels to write the address on.

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glor said...

I had rec'd a letter a few years ago in a handmade envelope from a magazine. I had completely forgotten about this until I saw your post and yes, it was a thrill to receive it. It was so very pretty, from a flower magazine. Not only brought a welcomed letter from a friend but also a smile when I picked up the mail and saw this. Thanks! Have a blessed weekend.

Mary Ann said...

Cute! I keep thinking that I will do this because I think they are so pretty!

Melissa said...

They are just plain addictive to make too. :)


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