Sunday, April 1, 2012

Knitting Socks

Socks for Aaron- he wears them all the time!
 I rather love knowing how to make things myself. Though sometimes I prefer to just buy things (or have someone else make it) I am a bit crazy about the idea of knowing how to do things myself - just in case!

 Socks were one of those things that I figured I would probably never make all that our family needed but I did want to know how to do it - just in case!

Jonathan's socks- he wears his a lot too.
  Over a year ago now I did knit some socks but they were tube socks and in my opinion I hadn't truly figured out what I needed to know by just knitting tube socks. I prefer socks with heels. So this past winter that was a goal- to make socks with heels. Though I still have a ton that I can learn I have successfully made socks with heels that my kids like to wear.

   I started the socks (Jonathan's were first) using a pattern that I had found online but the heel part really confused me so I ended up just looking at socks that I owned and copying the way that the heels were on them. I still want to perfect the pattern but it is pretty easy and the kids think they fit nicely.

I made some like this for my niece (as the first pair was too small for Megan) and Megan. The second pair fit but is also tight so they haven't been the best socks for her. I guess I need to try again! Little socks like this go pretty fast.

 My favorite socks are the ones I made for Mara. I like the Americana look that they have. She likes long socks and likes these too.
Mara's socks.

I am now working on a pair of socks for me using thinner yarn than I did for the others. I am also trying out a different pattern with a different sort of heel. I am struggling a little but will press on. If it doesn't work out I will go back to the type that does work for me.

  Though I still don't think that I will ever make all of our socks- it is fun to have made some of them and I hope to make more. It may seem like a silly skill in this age of being able to buy things like this so easily but I am still glad that I have learned it.
I am linking this up to the Homestead Barn Hop which is hosting by Amy at Homestead Revival, Jill at The Prairie Homestead and Kendra from New Life on a Homestead.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Abbi,
I LOVE to knit socks. In fact, I'm knitting another pair now, for my father. Heels are "easy" to do...well, easy if I use place markers :) :) I like the socks you showed here. They look fabulous :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

p.s. I found your blog via the Homestead Barn Hop today :)

Anna said...

The socks are fun. If you made the socks when you should be doing something else it might be a silly thing but you always do your knitting when you have to be sitting anyways. So they are a complete win-win I would say :)


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