Sunday, April 15, 2012

Being happy for others

 This weekend my parents were going to a Christian Convention as well as visiting my sister and her family and they invited Mara to go along. Mara was pretty excited about the trip and the younger 3 weren't sure it was quite fair. In the minds of younger children I think it often feels like the oldest gets to do quite a bit more than they do. I don't remember thinking this as a kid (I was number 3 and I think I was able to tag along quite a bit) but lately my younger kids have been thinking this to be true.

  Anyway, to go on with the story, on Friday morning the kids and I were all ready to go bright and early to take Mara out to Mom and Dad's so they could leave on their trip but our van wouldn't start. A door had been left open a crack and the battery had gone dead. Since we needed to hurry I told the younger kids to just stay home (they had wanted to see the new baby goats at my parents) and I would take Mara quickly in the car as Ken still hadn't left for work. I felt bad for their disappointment but it was what worked best.

  When I got home I figured they still might be feeling bad but instead I was greeted in the garage by a very excited Aaron who told me they wanted to have a carnival on Saturday and "could they use some sweets that we had on hand as prizes?". When I got inside I found that they had worked on chores, started on schoolwork and written up a list of all sorts of fun things that they could do this weekend all in the less the 1/2 hour that I was gone. I was impressed. They faced disappointment and were making the best of it. (I thought anyway).
Notice that the first thing on the list is to have a clean room contest.
I like that kind of thinking! (and I am sure it was Jonathan's idea.)
 We did have a fun weekend....

 -On Friday we had an evening away at a Republican endorsing convention in a nearby town. The kids had fun playing with other kids there.
- On Saturday morning we went and helped others do some yard work at the church building. It was beautiful weather and we had fun.
-Coming home I let the boys walk on a trail part of the way and race me home. They thought that was rather exciting.
-We had treasure hunts.
-The kids had contests.
-We made crafts together (and I will be blogging about that later).
-We cooked some of our supper over the campfire.
-We ate outside on the deck.
-Granddad and Nana called and visiting for quite a while.
-We had company over for lunch today (suggested by the kids).

It was a fun time. I was happy that the younger kids had been able and willing to plan fun times even though they weren't able to do what they wanted to do. Happy until they told me: "We wanted to do exciting things so that Mara would feel bad that she missed out." Oops! I think the motives for the planning weren't so great! It made me think of a verse that maybe we should talk about:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep". Romans 12:15

 Now my kids aren't the only ones who have ever struggled with this problem. Jealousy is actually pretty common. Regretfully I will find it cropping up now and then in my life,  "Why do they succeed at that when I don't?" and so forth are thoughts that can go through my mind. It isn't very pretty. I don't want to be that way, I don't want to provide that example to my children. I want to be someone that always rejoices with those that rejoice!

I hope you do too!

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Clint Baker said...

Very good post! My sister n law need to learn to be happy for others!


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