Friday, March 24, 2017

A Sweater Made from the Stash - What Do You Have in Your Hand?

 I really have been having a lot of fun making things using things we already have on hand in the last few months. I just haven't managed to post them very quickly.

  I like to make things just in general but to me there is a something special about making something when I have a little extra challenge such as repurposing something or making something from scraps and having to figure out how to make them work together. This was one of those scrap projects.

I started it at the beginning of December with the very ambitious goal of getting it done to give Megan for Christmas. That did quite happen. We did take a couple of trips where I worked on it long and hard and I knitted many times in between (trying to do it discreetly so Megan wouldn't see it) but Christmas Eve came and I think there was still a sleeve that needed to be finished and I needed to sew them all together and knit the ribbing. It wouldn't have fit in her stocking anyway. I did eventually get it done however.
 I have long loved the Fair Isle patterns and had saved a knitting magazine that had this one in it. I love the more traditional colors but I was working to use of what we had on hand. So I ended up doing this in different shades of blue and purples. Some of our favorite colors. I really like how the coloring combinations turned out and was very pleased to be able to use up yarn from our stash for this purpose.
 The back was solid and the sleeves were supposed to be too but I did't have enough of the purple. So they became patterned too. They are way thicker that way.
The sweater pattern was supposed to be bulky but if I were a better knitter I would have sized it better to fit my slender girl. Oh well, she likes it and has worn it quite a bit so it is a success.

Do you like to make things from scraps? What have you done lately "using what you had in your hand (what you already owned)?


angie said...

I committed to pray for a teen girl in our church who is going with other youth to serve on a missions trip. We are also asked to fill a large envelope with goodies for a care package for the teen. I filled mine to overflowing with things that I had on hand. The only thing that I bought was a clif bar.

Greg and Donna said...

Beautiful sweater! And your daughter looks quite pleased with it! I am doing a quilt block challenge posted on facebook and used fabrics I already had at home. I already have a 2nd one lined up and ready to go!

Abbi said...

Very cool! I love hearing how others are working to use what they have as well!


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