Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My New Salad Spinner

 We have been having fun with a new kitchen item at our house - a salad spinner. This was something that not to many years ago I looked at as a very unnecessary gadget. But the more I have eaten salads picked out of the garden with lots of little bitty leaves that I have to try to get washed and at least semi dry the more I liked the idea of a salad spinner. So when I was offered one to review from Cave Tools I took them up on the offer. By the way - I still wouldn't say that a salad spinner is necessary but it is pretty quick and efficient and my kids think it is pretty fun so now they are far more eager to help make salad. :-)
This Salad Spinner which you can find on Amazon or at Cave Tools is pretty good sized. You can fit 3 quarts of salad in it. It has 3 separate parts, the lid (with the spinning handle), the basket and the bowl. I like that the bowl in a nice bowl that can be used to serve the salad and also used for other things if you desire. The Basket can also be dual purpose as it could be used as a colander as well.

 Another thing that we are excited to use it for is when we make pesto. When we wash all of our basil leaves we have to normally painstakingly dry them in a dish towel but now we can just put them in the spinner and spin away until all the water is off the leaves and can simply be drained away.

 Do any of you use a salad spinner? Do you use it for anything besides making salads? I would love to hear your thoughts. I did see another interesting idea in the reviews and that was to use this Salad Spinner to spin down your hand washed delicate load. I thought that was some creative thinking.

If you are interested in buying a Salad Spinner you can use this coupon code  SALAD15 at Cave Tools   and get 15 % off on your Salad Spinner. Also they have free shipping on orders over $30. So if you find another thing or two that you can use that is a pretty good deal.

  Now I am feeling a wee bit impatient to grow some salad stuff in my garden! I tried planting some greens in a pot inside but that is not doing so well. Hey, if any of you have tips for growing lettuce or other greens inside I would love to hear them!

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Nola said...

I sometimes have used a salad spinner to dry blueberries that I have washed. I spin it very gently. It does mash a few of them though.

I have a new salad spinner I really like as well. It is similar to yours. My old one had holes in the bottom to let the water out and no interior basket so I could only use it inside the sink. I would forget and get water all over the counter. It broke and my Mom bought me a new one at a used shop. She later saw it new and it was much more money. I love it.


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