Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Seeking To Simplify

We have had quite a bit going on lately. We helped to host a fun Retreat at our church which also involved hosting guests at our house. We have also welcomed a new nephew just last week, I have been doing some extra work on my business and various other things. Somehow in the midst of all that I have been very rarely on here just lately. Hopefully that will be changing as I do love to write and record things on here but we shall see. :-)

   I did want to share a couple of success stories from my efforts to reduce clutter and simplify around here. 

  As I got ready for 2 families (of 7 people each) and 1 other teen to stay with us during the retreat I realized just how much easier it was to prepare when I wasn't having to deal with clutter as well as the normal extra cleaning. Even many of our closets were presentable if they should choose to peek in them. Megan's room was not a huge mess and so it was pretty easy to prepare for company and the same was true of my office. That was such a huge blessing not to have those "normal" messes to deal with as I had many other things on my plate as well. We dusted, swept, put on fresh sheets and other cleaning of that sort but there was very little of needing to deal with clutter and that speeded up the process so very much.

  As I have mentioned before my office has long been a place that is easily cluttered and messy. Since I have been really working on things this year it has been so much better. It was so nice when a bride called on the spur of the moment for a consultation and I was able to say "Come on over" and not have to make a mad dash to get my office cleaned out before she arrived. It was already basically ready to go. That was a huge blessing too.

Below are quite a few pictures from our Retreat. It was truly a blessing to me and I think many others as well.


SpicingUpIdaho said...

My goodness, you surely have been busy, hosting two large families, wow! Yes it is wonderful if you can stay on top of cleaning and decluttering, and not have to rush around when company arrives. I'm glad to hear your business is going well, spring is coming! The retreat picture looked so fun, nothing better than fellowshipping with other like-minded believers! Hugs to you today dear friend, don't worry if you can't post much, taking care of your family is the most important thing you can do. Appreciate your friendship so much, have a blessed day :)

Abbi said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement! We did have a wonderful time at the retreat! It was such a blessing to spend time with other Christians.


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