Saturday, August 12, 2017

County Fair Week and Other Recent Pictures

   This is the week of our county fair. That tends to be one of the busiest weeks of the year (though we are doing less at it -than we used to-  in some areas but more in other areas).  On Tuesday we took 4-H projects to drop off. On Wednesday we took our open class items and the 4-H chickens and Aaron and Megan did performing arts with 4-H. Aaron also did Dog Showmanship and a dog training exhibition. On Thursday we only went to the fair quickly for Aaron to take care of the chickens. On Friday Aaron was part of the poultry show and we three worked at the 4-H food booth. This evening we finally went out as a family to watch Aaron and Megan participate in the Dress a Chicken contest. We also found out while we were there that Megan had won Grand Champion in performing arts in the Junior division. We were excited for her. She had played a piano solo.
This is a sculpture that Megan made and entered.
Aaron doing his harmonica song in performing arts. He also did a Mandolin solo.

Here is Megan the Miller with the "Little Red Hen".

Robin Hood and Little John.

Last week was the Dog obedience show and Rally Show. Aaron and Kitchi participated in that and won two blue ribbons and an award.

We are so loving eating out of our garden! This plateful included fresh potatoes, beans and cucumbers. Yummy!

Last weekend we enjoyed spending some time at the Itasca Family Music Festival.  It is a fun time of listening to good music, hanging out with siblings (above I am pictured with my brothers and sister-in-law) and visiting with a lot of friends. It is a really neat family friendly event.
 Mara and our friend Thomas enjoying the music,

 I love my garden at this time of year. It gets a little bit jungle like but it is so much fun to see all the growth and enjoy the production!
 I have made one batch of pickles and I want to make more soon.

What is going on at your place? Do you have a garden that is producing a lot of food?


Mrs Shoestring said...

Great pictures Abbi, I do miss the County Fair season ! Well done to all the family for those rosettes ! Our garden is producing well but nothing like yours, wonderful to see cucumbers growing outside, ours are in the greenhouse ! Enjoy these last few weeks of Summer !

Amy and Mark said...

How fun! Working on fair projects was always the highlight of our summers! -- Your fair seems late though, our state just did our State Fair this past week! When is your state fair?

Nola said...

That sounds like fun! Our fall fair is in September but it doesn't look as big as yours and it is only 1 1/2 days. My kids like entering a lot of stuff though.

Our gardens are doing okay. Not as great as other times. We have had a lot of rain and mostly cooler weather this summer. Last year I had really good pole beans but this year so far they are just starting to climb up the trellis! They are really delayed. My pumpkin and squash plants just started taking off but they are still flowering only male flowers. I don't think there is enough time now before frost to produce anything. I think next year I am going to try to make some sort of heat tunnel for them or something. I used to do better with heat-loving crops when I lived elsewhere 3 hours further south. I think it made a difference. We have other stuff though-bush beans and lettuce and swiss chard and some baby tomatoes starting to grow etc.

Abbi said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment!
To answer questions...
Our state fair is over Labor Day. I think it is nice to have later fairs here as it allows our produce to actually be ready to go to the fair.

Nola - I understand your garden woes. We have dealt with cold summers in the past. This one has had cold spells too but enough hot to make things grow. I am thankful! I hope that you can get a high tunnel to help out.


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