Sunday, August 20, 2017

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

 We got rabbits (we are up to 5 now and hope to do some breeding soon) this year and so we wanted some hay for them for the winter. When I saw that the county/township had mowed all the ditches in this area I decided that was a prime opportunity to get some free hay.

   Megan and Aaron were my helpers for this job (the others were at work).  The top picture show what the ditches looked like after the grass/weeds dried a couple of days.

We took our rakes and raked it up.
It rolled into loose bales quite nicely. We left them all over in piles along the edge of our road.

Then we went back home and got the van and the trailer. The kids thought this was the really fun part.

 They rode in the trailer and would holler at me every so often to stop so they could load up another pile.
 We got  a pretty nice load.

 Aaron and I tied some holey pallets together to make a hay storage place.
 Megan and Aaron unloaded it and then covered it with a tarp.

Hopefully the rabbits will eat it and we can also use it for animal bedding. This was a pretty fun project thought my allergies did protest a bit. The kids thought it was fun too and we are happy to have all this "hay".

Do you put up hay? Have you ever collected from the ditches?

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