Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to homeschool!

We are back to school! It feels good to get in the routine again. I am really enjoying our morning time of prayer, singing , memorizing and reading our manners book. I had hoped to do that all summer long we got busy and it didn't happen.
When school starts I am so thank-ful to be able to stay at home with my kids and that we have the freedom to school them here as well. I am glad that they don't have to spend the best part of their day away from their family, be taught things that we don't agree with, be in a class with such a large amount of students that they don't get hardly any individual attention and be in constant companionship with friends of questionable charactor. I am thank-ful that we have the freedom to teach them godly principles and that they can have any easier time of reaching academic goals.
I love homeschooling. Both my husband and I were blessed to be homeschooled so it is natural for us to do it for our kids as well. Homeschooling does take time but it is worth it! I hope you enjoy your school year too!
These pictures are of the kids working on their books today. The one of the boys has a child of a friend in it too. They come over once a week and we just include them in our school.

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Anonymous said...

yea! we are enjoying starting school too. we aren't doing much but we are starting!
Maranatha's wall looks really pretty. Irindee told me you guys did it. I was hoping to see it. Love you!! -Martha


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