Thursday, September 13, 2007

Decorating with flowers

I have had such fun with flowers this year. They have grown very well in my garden and I have been able to pick flowers to my hearts content. This summer a goal of mine was to have a bouquet of fresh flowers in the house pretty much at all times and I have done that. Sometimes they have been wild and much of the time they have been from my garden. God did such a wonderful job (as He always does) when He created flowers. God must really enjoy beauty and I think that He puts in us a longing for beauty as well. I am feeling a little sad because we had our first frost this week and many of the flowers didn't make it, but I know that God gives us beauty throughout the year (think of the beautiful fall leaves coming up and then the gorgeous snowflakes and evergreen trees and then spring flowers again!). Another thing that I have enjoyed using my flowers for this year is to bring flowers to church each Sunday. It is fun to decorate the building so that everybody can enjoy what God has made.
This past Sunday after church we had a wedding reception for some friends who got married in India (so unfortunately we didn't get to go.). My friend Emily and I (along with my kids) had fun going there on Saturday to decorate the building for the event. I have included pictures.
Decorating with flowers doesn't have to be hard. The top pictures are examples of very simple ways to use them. They are just bowls of floating flowers. It looks very pretty but is very simple to do. The only problem with this method is that the flowers decay faster. When you use garden flowers or wild flowers you can have a very elegant look for very little money.
I hope you enjoy flowers too, when you look at them remember the One who made them for you to enjoy. He is telling you that He loves you!

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