Monday, September 17, 2007

Bouquets that I have made

I have been working on putting together some slide shows for my business website and I tested it out by putting it on here. Picture trail allows you to do a lot of fun things with pictures and then post them where ever you want to. It is a free service. I figured out how to get it in the post now which is fun. You will probably have to bear with frequent slide shows now!
I was thinking about how far my life has come in the computer world in recent years. 10 years ago in college I knew almost nothing about using computers, my family didn't have one growing up and I hadn't been exposed to one hardly at all. My room mate, Christy, at college did have a computer and she let me use it to write e-mails but I had to be explained to many times how to turn it on and use the e-mail. (Can you tell that electronics are not my thing?)
Five years ago I used e-mail but very little else. I did know how to make some documents but if I wanted to print them or save them I would have to call on Ken.
It has just been in the past year or so that I have discovered the Internet and all that is available there. I also got a digital camera and have had a blast with that. I think I am finally figuring out some of this computer stuff but I am sure I still have a very long way to go!!

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