Sunday, September 23, 2007

Homeschool co-op classes

We are getting things ready for another home school co-op class in a few weeks. The homeschool group in our area has arranged so that if you sign up to teach a class you get to enroll your kids or yourself in classes taught by other parents. Last year was our first time to be involved and we had a lot of fun. This is some pictures of my kids and I and one with my Dad dressed up for our class on Life in the late 1800's.

This year we are doing several classes and our first 2 are on Life in Colonial America. I decided I would split it up in two parts so that we could go into it in more depth. The kids and I have a wonderful time getting ready for these classes. When we act something out we learn about it so much better.

I have found the Internet to be a wonderful tool for researching. Here are some neat sites that I have found about colonial times:
Here is one that is written by kids and has a lot of information and activities.
Here is one that explains all about how they dressed. It has pictures that show each layer of clothing and explain about it. My daughter and I had fun looking at it together.
This one has just some written information.
Here are some recipes from that time.
Here is a website from Colonial Williamsburg. It has lots of neat information.

I hope you enjoy these websites too. I will let you know how the classes go. If you have any great ideas for the class I would love to hear them!

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mindy caron said...

Hi Abbi! You are so creative! Looks like so much fun and educational for your kids too. Maybe someday I can enroll Elianna is one of your classes. :)


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