Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn is here!!

I have really been enjoying the Autumn season. The other day I was saddened to hear after someone commented favorably on the Fall weather, another replied "But it just means COLD! I don't like the cold weather." I feel bad when people look at the negative aspect of each season instead of appreciating the beauty that God packs into each one! With that said I thought I would share some of the things that say "Autumn" to me.
Above is a picture of my parents road. It doesn't look as beautiful in the picture as it really is. The leaves are gorgeous in a wide variety of colors. We have that around our place too, but not quite as much (in fact I suffer from Maple tree jealousy at this time of year as we don't have any).

I have also been enjoying the marigolds in my garden with have been blooming like crazy. They are a nice orange fall like color.
We also have leaves starting to fall. In our yard it is predominately oak leaves which have a very cool shape.
The flowers are going to seed, ready to send down seeds to make lots more flowers next year! Yea, I love flowers!
Political yard signs are popping up all over. I especially like the ones in this photo. :-)
Lots and lots of apples! I love how they look and we have had a blast picking them put I also very much enjoy the wonderful smell of hot applesauce with lots of cinnamon or apple pie or crisp! Yummy! Here is Jonathan helping to pick from a totally loaded crab apple tree. Another benefit of picking apples (which we found out about through freecycle) has been getting to meet more people.
Pumpkins! They are a very cheerful, "fall" looking vegetable.

Going to Ula's Hayride! Ula (a 90+ year old lady from church) had her 20th hayride party last week. It was attended by 131 people. We had a lot of fun and it is definitely part of Autumn for me. Above are David and Tomisha on the ride and below are Aaron, Jonathan and Harrison.
Grapes! We had fun on Monday picking grapes over at my parents. Jonathan and I also had fun making them into juice (which we are thinking about turning into jelly).
Other things that I enjoy are the Blue, blue skies, feeling cozy wearing a sweater and comfy socks, Hot chocolate and tea, Harvesting for the garden, picking up potatoes and that feeling that we need to get things done! Winter is coming.
What do you enjoy about Autumn?

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martha said...

I really enjoy Autumn too, but I am also thankful that I live in a place where the winter is not very cold!!!! Thanks for preaching at us about how we should love cold. ;)
Our Autumn colors don't start getting good until next month and then we have a really good show.


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