Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My disorganized blues...

Lately I have been feeling like I live in a rather disorganized mess! I totally like the idea of organization and work towards it many times but some of my organizational plans never became habits and other ones that pretty much did I have been neglecting lately. So it is reorganizing time!! Right now I am dreaming about:
  • Not having to go through half of the pen/pencil container before find one that is sharp or works.
  • Always having birthday presents ready to go well in advance of the day.
  • Never arriving places late!
  • Never having overdue library books.
  • Always sending out Birthday cards on time.
  • Sending out thank you notes promptly.
  • Having a neat bed side table with a lamp, alarm clock, Kleenex and one book (Do I ever read just one at a time?!).
  • Not having a desk completely clutter with paper and other stuff.
  • Always having meals ready on time.
  • Being all caught up on putting photos in albums.
  • Never having a shower that is embarrassingly dirty!

Those are some of my issues that I would like to resolve. I do have some plans and I plan on sharing them soon but I am also open for suggestions from you. If you have a answer that works for you on keeping organized (on the issues I listed or others) I would love to hear about it!


All in a Day said...

Hang in there, Abbi! :)

martha said...

The only thing on your list that I am good at is getting places on time. I think the best way to do that is always plan and work towered being ready twice as much time as needed before hand.

Ang said...

I like the idea for cards that someone had from another post set a date to make what you need for the month or two and make them then and even address the envelopes ahead of time cuz for me that is half the battle and set an reminder on the puter to tell you to send them. if your computer has that.

Marina Martin said...

Have you tried Google Calendar? It allows you to set custom reminders on each event, so you could have it email or SMS you a week before someone's birthday so you made sure to get the card out on time. It could also remind you in advance when library books are due.

Emily said...

When you figure out how to get your shower can let me know! ha ha I'm having some mildew issues...yuck! (If I run across any great orginizational ideas I'll let you know....P.S. you should read that book I had on my blog recently....had some helpful time organization tips)


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