Monday, September 29, 2008

A fun Birthday Celebration

Today Mara turned 9! She is our beautiful eldest child and she has been a joy to have as part of our family. We had a very busy day of celebrating.

In our house we always begin with gifts. I was pretty economical on this one, easily staying under $10 but that didn't reduce the enjoyment. Mara said that the major gift this year was the best she could imagine.

For one of her gifts that boys and I made a Barbie house. We have been busy much of the week working on it and have had so much fun. It is made basically from "trash" around the house and lots of hot glue! I have lots of close up pictures that I am looking forward to sharing on my blog but this one will do for tonight.

After gifts we had breakfast of biscuits and gravy (a favorite of Mara's) and then we rushed to clean the house so that we could go over to my parents. My sister and family were up visiting and so the adults had fun visiting and the kids had fun playing! (After lunch we had to rush home for a bridal consultation and violin lessons.)

This evening for supper we had My sister and family, my parents and my two youngest siblings and Jason Corder (a friend up from Louisiana) over for our supper party. We don't do normal kids birthday parties but always enjoy having family over.
Mara requested a horse them so we pulled out all the horses to decorate. I also pulled some ice blocks out of the freezer and made a flower arrangement in one and put some candles in the other. It was fun to decorate. We also used a bunch of our little apples to decorate with (since horses like apples).
She also wanted a horse cake so I did my best. The kids have really been into themes for their birthdays which is challenging but fun.

Well it is off to bed for me~ Good night!


miranda said...

I didn't realize that Mara and I share the same birthday. I guess I am not up to date on all of my birthdays. Please wish her a belated happy birthday for me. I hope she had a wonderful day! It sure looks like fun from all of your pictures. Great Job on the horse cake!

All in a Day said...


Ang said...

I can not believe that she is nine. Wow does time go by fast. I think that you did a great job on the cake. It sounds like it was a great day for her and all.

martha said...

The cake is lovely.
sounds like a great day!

Angie said...

Tell Mara Happy Birthday for me too!


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