Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A potato picking day!

On Saturday a bunch of us (6 carloads and around 36 people)took an hour drive to go glean potatoes. When we got to the field we were directed to go to we found that it had already been disked and there were no potatoes! But after driving a tiny ways we ended up finding a very nice field to glean in. Above Megan got into the action with her little bucket.
One of the piles of potatoes we found.
Dad's truck piled high with bags of potatoes. A bunch of us (mainly my extended family) worked to fill Dad's truck. We ended up getting over 2000 lbs of potatoes. Another family that went got 1000 lbs and another one 650 lbs. Another carload also brought some home but I am not sure how many. It ended up being a very good year for getting potatoes. Usually we get just russets (which are fine, we like them) but this year we got a fun variety of russets, red and a white potato.
After picking potatoes our family went to the park in Park Rapids and we ate a picnic lunch that I had packed. We also had fun playing!

Megan had climbed up on top of the monkey bars and was crossing them on top instead of hanging below. She amazes me with her lack of fear.

We are so blessed to live in a place where we can find food so plentifully! God is good!


martha said...

Isn't funny what we let our kids do? so many moms would have be screaming at Megan to get down before she fell down. :)
So cool that so many of you got to go get potatoes. Dad told me that you got to get a variety the other day, I think that is nice too.

miranda said...

What kinds of things do you guys do to help them last? My potatoes usually need to be used in a week or so. I just am amazed how many potatoes you all got, and what you plan to do with them.

Anna said...

That is SOOO cool! I never heard of anyone gleaning potatoes before. The area that we live in doesn't grow many potatoes, but I definitely want to look and see if there are other fruits/veggies we can get cheaply if we pick them ourselves. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we just did this yesterday! We have a few hundred acres of crops below our property and one of them grew potatoes this year.

We just ran down with the 4-wheeler and a trailer and picked up a couple hundred pounds of taters.

Don't ya just love God's provision for his people? Reminds me of Ruth :)

Katie said...

Yah! I agree with Martha! I get chewed out for much less! (people here have no qualms about telling you how to raise your kids) Happy birthday Mara! It is so hard to believe she was born nine years ago!

Abbi said...

We are very blessed with God providing for us!
Miranda, Dad stores the majority in his root cellar which helps them keep much longer. Anyway you can keep them cool helps. By summer time we definetely have potatoes that have sprouted and aren't quite so beautiful but we just pull the sprouts off and use them anyway.

miranda said...

Oh that is very interesting. I have just learned so much from you and your blog :).


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