Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Displaying photos, cards and kids art

 I have some kids that love to draw, paint and do all sorts of artwork but in the past I haven't had a very good place for displaying. Ken vetoed having the fridge plastered with all of it, which was fine with me as I don't like things to come tumbling down when I open a door but still, where would we put it all to show that we liked what they did?

  Not long ago I enjoyed reading the book "A Creative Family" by Amanda Soule (who also writes a blog that I really enjoy) in it she mentioned having a wire strung up on which to hang children's artwork. I took that idea and I used ribbon instead but it works the same way. I had some little helpers to help me find the studs, hold up the ribbon and nail them up. I tied a little bow on each end of the ribbon and nailed through the middle of that so that it would be sturdier. It also looks cuter that way.

   I chose our hallway wall as the place. Before I had some framed pictures there but they were having a tendency to fall down when people would run down the hallway so it was time for a change anyway. I am really liking the change! Currently we are having "Alphabet Adventures" and so all the art right now is Alphabet Art.

So that is what we are doing with our artwork- next was photos and cards:

 I had this bulletin board (which I will admit, I got while dumpster diving- something I do rarely but I honestly think it is cool.) but it was stained, old and the wrong color scheme for where I wanted it so....

I updated it. It was a fast and fun project. Ken then helped me hang it on the side of a cabinet that didn't look to nice anyway.

Next I added some pictures that we have recieved lately. I like the way it looks! But that wasn't enough space for this time of year so...

I (temporarily) added some ribbons to attach more cards and photos to. It works well and now I don't have to tape them up and further ruin the side of my cabinet.

That is a couple of my recent projects. Lately there have been more projects then time to post them but maybe I will post them later.

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Maria said...

You have some really great ideas! Thank you!

Jackie said...

I have been wanting to do something like that with the clothespins. I didn't have any wire so I had put this off. I have plenty of ribbon and yarn, though. Thanks for the reminder of this idea and for using something other than wire to inspire me. :-)

Nola said...

The place to hang the kids artwork looks great!! I will have to do that. We have this problem too. My oldest does really good artwork for her age, but she loves doing it, so we end up with sometimes as many as 5 pieces of it in a day. That is what she loves to do in her spare time. Currently they are all over the fridge, and they fall off and get shoved up to the top so the baby doesn't rip them off. Very much NOT working! :)

We do end up mailing grandparents etc some pictures she has done, and we also just started a binder with plastic sleeve sheet protectors to put her art in, and arranging it chronologically. Its really neat to see the progression.

Cha Cha said...



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