Monday, December 28, 2009

A few projects from last week.

The project creating is slowing down a bit around here. It is nice to do some relaxing, playing of games and things like that instead for a bit. But there were several projects that I hadn't gotten around to sharing and I thought I would tell you about a few today.

This is one of Mara's projects. It is a a little house made out of a small matchbox, that hangs around your neck and a little tiny doll has a bed inside of it. Mara made this all by herself for Megan for Christmas. We got this very sweet idea from Colored Buttons. Megan liked it very much and wore it around all Christmas day.

Christmas Dresses for Mara's dolls were one of my fun projects to fill her stocking. Doll clothes are so fun to sew as they take so little fabric and can go together so fast! It is fun being able to use up odds and ends of trimming too. (The green dress looks a little funny in the picture as there is a big wet spot on it but I forgot to take a different picture later.)

Mara made one little boy quite happy by making him a play "silk" which he can use as a cape. He had enjoyed playing with one at his cousins and was delighted to get one of his own. Play silks have become quite popular but aren't what I consider cheap. For this one was used some silky (not silk however) fabric that we had on hand and she hemmed around the edges.

Another Christmas project was homemade noodles. This isn't something I normally make so they made for a special Christmas meal. (Our now 2 year tradition is to have pasta for Christmas Dinner.) Noodles are really very simple, basically just beaten eggs, a pinch of salt and then as much flour as you can work in. Roll them out as thin as you can and then fold up and cut in strips. Unfold and hang up to dry. Use them in soup, with alfredo sauce or however you like best. Be prepared to find them much more tasty and filling then store bought noodles!

Have you been busy making anything lately? What were some favorite homemade gifts for Christmas at your house? I would love to hear!

For lots and lots more projects visit A Soft Place to Land!


Jackie said...

I love your son's expression! Great projects!

Miriam said...

I just adore that little matchbox dollhouse pendant. My girls and I will have to give it a try over the break.

Nola said...

Wow what neat ideas!

I love the pasta idea too. I wonder if I could make it with spelt or rice flour since I can't have wheat. Might be much cheaper....although more time :) Love your tradition...ours is homemade pizza (with spelt crust!) for Christmas.

My daughter loved the book I and my husband made her inspired by your idea a while back! Thank you.

Abbi said...

Jackie, Thanks! Aaron can give me such goofy grins when I try to take his picture!

Miriam, I hope it works for you to make the "dollhouse". It really is pretty fun. Did you visit the link where we found the idea? Hers is very beautiful. I thought Mara did a wonderful job too.

Nola, I think you could make pasta with non-gluten flours. The egg holds everything together very well. Pizza sounds good for Christmas too. For Christmas Eve we have hamburgers. This year Ken grilled them outside (on our deck that we hadn't scooped) amidst many inches of snow on the deck and more coming down!


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