Monday, February 1, 2010

Accepting the Organizing Challange.

Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie has presented a month long challange to motivate us to organize either a room or a particular area.  I like organizing but I have one place in my house that no matter how much I try it almost always looks horribly messy!

The area is my craft room/ business office/ guest room. When I hold consultations or we have company I always have to do a huge cleanup and I usually end up stuffing things in the closet or laundry room until everybody is gone and then out they come again. There, now I have confessed! :-)

  Anyway, I am eager to go to work on it. I have quite a few excuses this month for it being dirty- A couple of weddings to do flowers for, Another Bridal show (I just did one yesterday which left a big mess in its wake as well!). I also have consultations lined up and company coming so that should be some good motivation!

  Here are the pictures:
My desk. For some reason it gets pile high with stuff so very easily!

The middle of the room. I have a table to work on that is often full of stuff too!
When company comes we move this out and set up an air bed instead.

Lots and lots of ribbons. I made some very handy ribbon racks a while ago but then the ribbon quickly outgrew the space, so now it overflows all over. I also want to get rid of stacks of boxes there.

The closet is pretty bad!

This is the other shelf in that room. Not as bad as some areas but still in need of work!

While I hope that made you feel a lot better about any messy places in your house! If you have any organizing tips for this mess I would love to hear them! I think I am going to start working on it tomorrow.


Karen said...

Abbi, your craft room has tons of potential!! Good luck with your challenge!

Abigail Jasmine said...

Have fun!
Organization is wonderful :)

Happy Organizing!

Jackie said...

Have fun organizing. I have a craft area that is begging to be organized, too.

Nola said...

Whew! Now I feel better. :) LOL

I've been plugging away at getting organized, too. I just did our two closets upstairs, and before that, our hall closet. MUCH better.

I found that it helps to start small, as that way the sense of gratification comes sooner and inspires me to keep going. Also, it helps to make labels, kid friendly ones if needed, like in my hall closet there are pictures that I drew with the words. I also highly recommend the book "organizing from the inside out" by Julie Morgenstern. I got it at my library. Have fun! You should post "after" pics.

joyceandnorm said...

I'm working on our extra room that's used an our office/guest room/playroom. I'm going to try to finish one area before moving to the next area. Usually, when I start cleaning and organizing, I'm all over the place. Good luck with your organizing!

- Joyce @ Keeping Up With The Moy

happygal said...

You can do this! And I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody for the encouragement! I have made a little progress but still have quite a ways to go!

Nola~ I have read the book you mentioned but it was a few years ago. I should read it again. I did find it helpful but ended up being a little lazy in actually following all the steps.


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