Saturday, February 13, 2010

A special meal at home

Here is another idea from Alysia. This is one I have heard of before but never tried. I think it sounds interesting.

"Plan a special dinner for two! Either have the children eat early and do a quiet activity while you eat, or do it after bedtime. This has been fun, and feels like a date, even when we haven't left the house=) I have moved a little table into the living room with candles and dim light, and it felt real 'restaurant' like=)"

Have you ever done this? If so how did it work for you. I am trying to imagine this with our kids. Doing it after they go to bed (Around 9:30) sounds a bit late but I think they might enjoy being the wait staff if they are still up..... It might work.


Rebecca said...

I did this the first year my husband and I were married. We lived in an area where it would have been a BIG expense to go out on Valentine's Day, so I planned a meal in. We didn't have any kids, but it was still nice to have a romantic dinner together. I was not working full time, so I had the day to prepare while my husband was at work. I got cornish hens on sale at the grocery store and made those with some simple sides and his favorite pie for dessert. I typed up a fancy menu with a swirly font and printed them to set on the table when he arrived. I also had a sign on the door welcoming him to the "restaurant." We had candles and I also strung white Christmas lights around the room. With the regular lights out, it had a very romantic feel to it. I also used our good china and serving dishes. While the meal was more expensive than our usual fare, it was WAY less than eating out, and a lot less stressful since Valentine's Day is always a madhouse at restaurants!

tani said...

I've done this several times, as well. Van loves Mexican food, so I made cheese enchiladas, Spanish rice, re-fried beans, and home-made salsa and chips. I used a Mexican throw for a table-cloth and put out candles, turned the lights off, and played music. You will have to try it to see why it really is very magical.

Cha Cha said...

We do this about once a month, to make sure we have a date night. It is so great to have time to just spend withone another, and to made each other feel special. Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentines.

Cha Cha

Nola said...

Sounds like a great idea but for sure hard to do with kids...I know that my baby is still up late (she will sleep longer that way) and so we haven't tried this. I have heard of others using their kids as "waiters" though.

CoreyBelle said...

My husband and i realized that we hadn't had anytime to ourselves in many months where we just enjoyed each other. So we had a candlelit dinner. The meal was sloppy joes and potato chips, I don't like sloppy joes too much but my husband loves them. I thought it was great to have that special time with him and we were able to eat without interruption from the baby.


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