Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little lovely bits and pieces of life

This is my odds and ends post! :-) Different parts of life that have been captured by the camera. Snapshots of life that I am enjoying right now.
 Some "new" silverware that I found at Goodwill. (I hardly ever go there as I simply don't need anything but this was fun to shop for!) Some of it even matched my good set exactly and other ones were very close. They are all nice quality and there was enough that I got rid of our cheap set that was sharp on the hands.

Making keifer. I got the start (keifer grains) from my sister Anna and also the instructions for making it. It is easy to make, has a neat taste and is good for you. Anna tells all about it on her blog.

 Last Saturday Mara and I were headed to the Wedding Expo and were just in awe of how God had decorated during the night. All the trees and bushes where just covered with frost. I didn't stop to get a picture right then (the camera was in the trunk) but I wish I had.

After we got to our destination Mara went out and took some pretty pictures including the one to the right. There weren't as many trees around to take pictures of however.

 This is my beautiful helper at the show. She is fun to have around. It is fun to see how outgoing she is. She went around to every other booth and got aquainted with everybody. I don't think there is one shy bone in her body which always continues to amaze me as that is NOT how Ken and I were at her age.

On Sunday night at church we have been doing things a little differenty for this month. We are having a short song service and a scripture reading and then we have been doing things to get ready for our upcoming Retreat. This past Sunday night some worked on a play and some of us had fun gathering around the piano and learning some new songs. I love informally gathering around and singing in four part harmony praises to our God.

Keren cut my hair last week. I am enjoying a shorter and different look. The picture to the left is not how it looks at its best as I had been wearing a hat so it was rather flattened. I am so blessed to have a sister who can cut hair and I don't have to go out and spend a bunch of money elsewhere. Thanks Keren!

Fun with puppets on Wednesday night. Mary and I are teaching the kids on Wed. nights and Mary came up with this really cute method for making sock puppets. The kids loved them!

In Class we have been talking about following in Jesus' steps and this week was especially about service. Mary decided to wash the kids feet. I wasn't sure how they would react but they loved it! The little ones especially. :-)
I am enjoying teaching the kids about working with flowers. As I get busier the better my helpers will get.

And just a sweet/silly picture of my Aaron boy taken by auntie Keren.

 I hope you are having lots of lovely moments at your houses too! :-)


Jackie said...

Fun post! I like your new haircut. I will have to check your link about kefir. I am very interested in it and just don't know much about it. Have a great evening.

Anna said...

Your hair looks very nice. Keren was telling me about it the other day. I would so like to change mine, some day. Mara's pcture of the tree is good. Less trees and you see the beauty better sometimes.


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