Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Noticing the little things that bother him.

  I have a very tidy husband which is a huge blessing. In fact he tends to be neater than I am and clutter really bothers him. There are a few spots in our house (Flat surfaces as he likes to say) like the kitchen counter, to top of our deep freeze and my nightstand to name a few that have a tendency to collect stuff. It just seems to happen. But it bugs Ken.

  So I am trying to get better at keeping them cleaned off. This is one little (though sometimes it feels pretty big!) way that I can show him I love him. I am not doing a perfect job yet, (the busier I am the harder time I have it seems) but I am trying.

Do your husbands have little things that bother them in your house? Is there anything you can do to fix them?


Luigi | UPrinting said...

This is a post that can awaken a lot of couples. It's a cliche, but loving someone is shown through actions may it be big or small. Being in a relationship takes efforts of two people who never get tired of showing how much they love each other. Very nice post.

Dessy said...

I think my husband is more upset when I move his clutter than he is at seeing clutter. Flylady calls the clutter piles "hot spots" and somehow no matter how often I put put the fires, they just come back!

Michelle said...

I tend to like surfaces clear, whereas my husband is the piler. So, I try not to fuss about it. When I clean them up for him I try to make it to where he can find what he needs. Not always easy, but I try to meet halfway since I'm sure I am equally (or more!) aggravating to him with my need to have thingd cleared!

Anonymous said...

You just had to ask!!! Had to. Thanks a lot. ;)

He's mostly easy going but like me he wants to come in and be able to sit down and relax. The kids are always putting stuff in the recliners. I need to double check thembefore he gets home!

Abbi said...

THanks for the comments. I think from what you have said and what I have heard from others that our relationship is maybe a little unusualy with the husband not liking the clutter. :-) As with so many things marriage doesn't have a cookie cutter plan that works for everybody, it is just important for us to see what is important to OUR OWN husband and work on that.

I appreciate what Luigi said about "never getting tired of showing how much they love each other". I agree with that!


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