Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo shoot with Keren

I mentioned before that we had a my sister do a photo shoot of our family recently. I decided to share some of those picture today. They are just us - so that may of may not be intersting to you but I thought family members might enjoy them.

Ken and I

Miss Mara

Master Jonathan

Master Aaron

Miss Megan

She was posing quite prettily and then at this point Keren asks her to smile and she just kind of mumbles "I really just need to go to the bathroom." I take her up to the house where she seems to have rather forgotten and I had my suspicions that she just was ready to be done with picture taking.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

The photos are wonderful!

martha said...

I like these photos! Thank you for sharing them!

Marci said...


Your photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

God Bless,

Jackie said...

Great pictures!

Becky R said...

Nice family. Nice day. they were not boring at all.

Janet said...

Lovely pictures. You have a beautiful family. I'm so glad you decided to join in Through The Lens Thursday.

Nola said...

I actually enjoyed seeing the pictures! Very beautiful.

And...I totally needed to laugh today so thanks...the comment about your daughter "needing to go to the washroom" is priceless...something my daughter would do. :) At least you got one good photo of her. The first one is gorgeous. Its hard to get good family pictures with everyone co-operating and looking nice.

Anna said...

I need one of those pictures. The one I have of you all on the shelf is ridiculously outdated. I think they turnd out really GooD!

Betsy said...

Those turned out so nice, Abbi!

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody! I am so blessed to have a sister with a good camera and eye who likes to take pictures. God has also been blessing us with such wonderfully beautiful weather!


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