Friday, May 28, 2010

Bunny Rabbits

 We have had so much fun at our house this week enjoying a small part of God's wonderful creation- baby bunnies. A week ago Saturday my dad had run over a nest of them while tilling his garden, the mother left and there ended up being 6 babies that needed care. My sister Keren has 3 and they brought us 3 on Sunday night as well.

We are trying to care for them as best we can until we are sure they are able to go off on their own. When they told us about them I figured they would be cute but I wasn't prepared for how cute they are and how easy it would be to get totally attached to them! I have never been a animal lover but baby bunnies could possibly change me.

We have to feed them milk replacer with a medicine dropper several times a day. When we first got them they would jump all over, especially if we touched their whiskers, and not eat to much but now they are just like a baby with a bottle, they latch on and eat for all they are worth. Mara feeds them most of the time and I do it some too.
The second night they were here they were in a fairly shallow box (about 10 inches tall) and during the night they got a bit restless- they have a tendency to be more active at night. The next morning Jonathan checked their box and reported that it was empty, where were the bunnies?!

 We looked all over the entry way (in our split level house it is in between levels with stairs going both directions) but no bunnies, then Mara checked downstairs and sure enough there were the bunnies. The were right at the bottom of the steps, all lined up (shown in the picture above). Somehow they had all tumbled down and ended up together.

The next night 2 of them burrowed under the rags while the third one would climb on top of them and the rags and then try to jump out over the top of the box. We had changed them to a bigger box so this one was now about 15 inches or so tall. He never made it over but he tried over and over. Ken and I enjoyed watching and laughing for some time.

The next night after Mara had given them their nighttime feeding Aaron and Megan took two outside and Megan sat hers down and left it for a bit. When I found out about it and we all went out to look for it we couldn't find it anywhere. I felt pretty bad but it did have a tummy full of milk, it knew how to eat grass and clover and such and it could run fast so I am really hoping (and yes I have been praying!) that it is okay. I just feel bad that it is separated from its siblings as they do so love to cuddle and snuggle and care for each other.

  The other two are enjoying eating greens more and more too. I suppose it won't be long before it will be time to release them too.

They are learning how to hide.
They like to munch on Dandelions.
But we are going to miss them!


Miranda said...

How sweet! I grew up with a grandmother that was always rescuing orphan babies. The opossum had to be the neatest little guy. What a great experience for the kids.

Billie said...

What a sweet story and fun experience for your family. Amazing how active those little bunnies are for as small as they look. I'm glad they are doing well.

Keren Ruth said...

They are really fun to feed any more. I have been using the bottle and they really chow down. :) It is cute. I really think that the baby that got away will be fine, since they are eating lots of grass.

Keren Ruth said...

p.s. your pictures are really sweet. I like the one of them lined up at the bottom of the stairs. :) I have noticed mine lining up like that - the middle one facing the opposite direction.

Jackie said...

The bunnies are so cute! What a great experience for your kids.

Shalet said...

Oh man are they cute! Good thing my girls aren't reading this or they'd be begging for bunnies!

And thanks for visiting my blog. Fresh goat's milk? How lucky are you!


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