Monday, May 3, 2010

We give thanks....

"We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks, For your name is near; Men declare Your wondrous works." Psalm 75:1

God is so Good! He shows His love to us each and every day. Here are just a few things that I am thanking Him for:

#577 An apple tree growing ...and a boy too!
#578 Phlox blooming beautifully in our flower bed.
#579 Joined by some hardy Vinca
#580 Fun times with Ken and others, discussing politics

#581 Loosening up with balloons at the convention.
#582 A good driver for all the trips we take. I am very thankful that Ken likes to drive and does a good job. I have a tendancy to get sleepy so this is very appreciated!
#583 Fun companions for a trip.
#584 Yummy things to eat. I have been wanting a dilly bar and so we got one on the trip.
#585 The wonderful smell and looks of lilacs!
#586 Fun projects to keep my hands busy.
#587 A sweet little "Laura and Mary" that are staying with us.

#589 God's care and love!


Anna said...

Laura and Mary are so cute there! You did a good job on Bea's hair.

miranda said...

Love the pictures. Are Laura and Mary from Little House on the Prairie? :) My mom used to read those books to us.

I think the tree at my in-loves is a crab apple. I'm just anxiously waiting to see what ours in the back will be. I've heard both cherry and apple, so I'm not sure. Either way it is fun having a tree that blossoms.

Martha Jane said...

Laura and Mary do look very sweet! I sometimes crave dilly bars too. they are reminiscent of when the Locke kids would come over on Mondays.


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