Monday, May 24, 2010

Humbly Grateful

"Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe; for our God is a consuming fire." Hebrews 12:28 & 29

This past week has been so busy. We had things to do that took work and strength and knowledge. Several times we simply didn't have those on our own (in fact we never do, God gives us every breath that we breath!) and we needed help. I feel so humbly grateful from the help that God gave by giving us strength and wisdom as we needed it and so often sending others when we needed them too. God is so good!

Here are some of the things that I am thankful for:

#590 My parents! I always had this thought that when I grew up I wouldn't really need my parents help any more. Of course I would still want their love and friendship but I would be able to take care of everything else on my own. This past week was one in which I felt so very humbled in how much they do for us! First we were having some tree fort troubles, it was coming off one tree and wasn't safe. We didn't know how to fix it so Ken called Dad who is very knowledgeable in those areas. Dad didn't just explain it over the phone, he came over and looked at it but Ken wasn't home then so he came back the next night to explain his ideas and then they came up with a plan and Dad went and found everything we needed and then came over the next night to help fix it. My mom and sister came along too but I already had a meeting planned that night so while I was away mom did dishes and laundry for me.

  Then on Wednesday night a bunch from church were going to watch a christian comedian. Mom encouraged Ken and I to go to and of course then offered to watch our kids!

  Then on Friday we had our big Republican Dinner. Mom offered to watch the kids (the younger 3, as Mara was helping) while we cooked and had the dinner. Dad even came to pick them up so I didn't have to drive out there. Then I was going to go get them when I was done but since we were having overnight company Mom thought it would be better if they brought them in again so I didn't have to make the drive. And then Mom and Dad proceeded to wash up a bunch of the dirty dishes we had used at our dinner.
I feel so very humbled when I think of what all they do for me.  I am so thankful to God for such loving, giving and godly parents!

#591 Fun ladies who are willing to tackle the big job of cooking for 200 with me! I know some of them thought we were a little crazy to attempt it so I appreciate their willingness to try!

#592 A toad in a tulip and my daughter's sense of humor.

#593 Lilies of the Valley outside our bedroom window and the absolutely wonderful smell that comes blowing in! I love it!

#594 My sense of smell. Sometimes I don't appreciate this so much but lately I have been thanking God for it often. There are so many sweet smells in our yard just now!
#595 Beautiful clouds and the rain that they brought.

#596 Purple flowers. I love this color!

#597 The promise of apples for the first time on our little tree! (And I can't believe that I missed taking a picture of the blossoms!)
#598 Oh so cute baby bunnies! (I'll tell more of the story later or you can go here)
#599 Learning responsibilities.

#600 Beautiful dirt all ready to plant!

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UKZoe said...

baby bunnies, awwwwwwww. There's a camping holiday company I'd love to go on vacation with, where there are sturdy room like tents set up on real farms, with wood fired stoves and so on and one of the things you can do is "hire" a bunny and it's run etc to be your pet for the week! HOW COOL IS THAT for kids that just cannot have them at home?

Martha Jane said...

Oh amen to this list! We are so blessed with some really awesome parents!!!!
The bunnies are so sweet. And your dirt is really beautiful. mine looks so worn out compared with yours. I really need to find someone with goats...

Keren Ruth said...

The toad in the tulip is very cool! :)

Nola said...

Definately appreciate that blessing of having godly Christian parents and nearby too...I am praying that my husband and I can be godly parents for our grown children someday since I don't have that myself, nor do my family live nearby. Your family seems so close. Whats the secret to having a close family? I'd love to hear how your family caused that to happen. Just being Christians doesn't seem to gaurantee that.

Abbi said...

UKZoe, That camping place does sound neat! We are blessed to be able to have a rabbit all the time but for kids that can't normally that would be really neat to experience it.

Nola, I will try to answer your question about why our family is so close. I have been thinking about it since you asked and maybe I will write a post about it later but here are some of my thoughts for now. I think it is a combination of many things: #1 is that fact that we are christians but you are right that by itself that doesn't nessasarily make families close. Homeschooling had a huge impact in making us close- we were each others best friends. Doing most things as a family instead of everybody going a different direction also had a huge impact. We ate all our meals as a family, even lunchtime in later years when Dad was working from home was everybody together. Our parents where the authority in our home but they were also our friends. They explained things to us and generally we obeyed because we wanted to, not because of any fear.I hope that helps. I think I will try to write a post on it later.


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