Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring is for gardening!

 With the warm weather that we have had this Spring gardening has been very much on our minds. Our typical frost free date is after Memorial day so we have been hesitant to do too much gardening yet but we have worked on some things.

We like to keep our gardening as economical as possible so we have been working to use what we have or what we can get cheaply. Here are some of the things that we have been doing so far:

  • My Dad had an apple tree that he had grafted on as well as some cherry trees that had come up from the roots (so it is a true tree) of his big one, he generously offered to share so now we are one apple tree and 2 cherry trees richer at our house. We settled them into their new spot with lots of compost and manure and have been giving them lots of water.
  • I decided that this year I would break done and get black plastic for around my tomatoes and peppers. I have liked to use newspapers as mulch but last year was so chilly I decided it would be advantageous to get something that heated up the ground. I mentioned my plan to my mom and she reminded me that my brother Luke can get used tarps from the lumberyard where he works (they throw them away) and they are black on one side. So yea! I have free black "plastic" for my garden.
  • I mentioned this before but we got two loads of aged manure from my parents which is a great addition to our garden. Most owners of animals would be glad to give this to you if you are willing to scoop and haul it.
  • We started seeds inside. With the quantity that we plant each year buying all the plants we need would be quite costly. It isn't that hard (and it is rather fun when you have the gardening itch anyway) to start plants inside.

I use all sorts of recycled containers to start them in. The only expense was some potting soil and seeds.

I am guessing a lot of you have gardens that are way farther along, I would love to hear what you are doing with your gardens right now!


Bobbie said...

Thats about what our little sprouts look like :) I have also been blogging about them. Its funny how proud of our little ones we are its like they are children

Donna Jean said...

I dont remember how many weeks ago it was that we bought some watermelon seeds, cantelope seeds, a 5 different pepper seed mix, carrot seeds, and some sweet corn seeds. We also bought a started container that has the soil and nutrients in it and I started the peppers and the melons in it. Now they are sprouting and I cant wait for the fruits and veggies. :)

Nola said...

Fun! Our frost free date is usually around the first week of June (although you might find me covering my plants even in late June...its happened!!! yikes!) So I do plan on trying to get an early start on a few things like the cold loving plants (we also specifically buy varities that do well in cold soil, tomatoes like Subarctic plenty and Glacier...). Its worth a try but I might lose the plants by trying something early so I will try a few.

What kind of things do you start indoors? I normally do my tomatoes, and then later, squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers and zuchinni...but it looks like you have beans there?

We had such an early snow melt that the weeds are currently taking off in my garden..we've been eating the dandelion greens! I must get out there and make it weed free and ready to go soon- but its supposed to snow again!

Abbi said...

Happy gardening to all!

Nola the plants in the closeup are watermelon and canteloupe. I also start Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cabbage, celery, Kohlarabi some flowers and herbs. This year I also planted a tub of lettuce (which will stay in the tub, no transplanting) because I am hoping for early lettuce.


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