Saturday, August 7, 2010

Big Ideas

There have been some big ideas around here lately.

We have been talking about money and the importance of saving money and giving money to God. Jonathan a major "doer" wanted to get busy right away, make some special banks and set some goals.

This is all well and good but to this point Ken and I have been the kids main employers and we just don't have the jobs available (or the finances) that match Jonathan's and the others goals. So we have been thinking and dreaming and discussing about ways that the kids could start a business, earn some money from somebody other than their parents.

Here are some of the ideas we have come up with, I  would love it if you would also share any ideas you have!

  • Selling homemade healthy baked goods (such as bread, cookies and muffins) to neighbors and any other customers that we can come up with.
  • Mowing lawns for people (the older two have been doing our yard this year and we thought maybe next year they could branch out to doing others yards too.)
  • Raking Yards.
  • Pet sitting.
  • Growing and selling sprouts.
  • Snow shoveling.
  • Make things to sell on Etsy.
  • Take and sell stock photography.
  • Make and sell meals (hot or frozen)

You can find more ideas at: Family Education, Money Instructor, Kid's Money, Hub Pages and Money Saving Blog.


Sheila said...

Somewhat related to pet sitting - poop scooping. It's not a fun job, but that's why people will pay to have it done.

JustCorey said...

I did a somewhat babysitting type thing at a younger age...

I sat and watched the baby of my neighbors when momma had to take older kids somewhere and daddy was working in the basement. I knew that if there was a n emergency i could go get the dad but i usually just sat there for about an hour and the baby did the same thing.

If there are any young couples with babies that may be just what they need someone to look after the baby while they are at the other end of the house working on something.

I know it is something i want at times ;)

Nola said...

When I was young I did babysitting and had a paper route, but I think you live in the country. Plus it seems to me the way its set up (at least around here) that paper routes aren't as well set up for that sort of thing anymore. I made a lot of money off it and was able to get to know our neighbours too.

I also did gardening for some people, but mostly did watering while people were away on vacation, sometimes also including jobs like cutting their grass, putting out garbage, watering indoor plants, taking in the mail, shovelling the driveway and front walk so it looked like someone was home, that sort of thing. I had quite the business as people got to know I was a reliable teen, since no one wants their garden to die on them while they go away due to lack of water! Even weeding might be an idea, or growing something that grows abundantly in the garden and selling it. If you got another big crop of wild blueberries would be another idea. People make a lot of money doing that around here. I see teens and preteens with teens selling them at our farmer's market. When I was a teen I got babysitting jobs and watering jobs by making up a simple, bright flyer (I even put stickers on it to get noticed!) on my computer and delivering them in mailboxes... Most families came and met my parents and I and talked to us first and then I always got the job. Hope this helps!


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