Saturday, August 14, 2010

A quick trip

   This week the kids and I, along with my parents, took a quick trip down to Southern Iowa. We left early Tuesday morning (out the door before 6 am!) and got home Thursday evening. During our trip we were able to see my Grandma and Uncle and Aunt on my Dad's side, go to a church rally and see lots of old friends there, spend time with my brother and his family (they came to the rally too) and see my sister in the Twin Cities. It felt like a very fast and efficient trip! 

  It was very nice to be able to spend some time with my Grandma. She is in the nursing home now and in her late eighties and I want my children to remember her and I enjoy getting to spend time with her too. My Grandma has played a big role in my life and it was fun to get to see her and visit with her in person again.

  At the nursing home we were able to use the "family room" and we went to the grocery store and Mom bought supper stuff from the deli for all of us to eat. My Uncle John and Aunt Donna came and joined us as well. We stayed for a while until we could see that Grandma was starting to grow tired.

A beautiful sunset that we got to see at my Uncle John's place.

  On Wednesday we spent the whole day at the Centerville Rally. It was so good to see many friends that I became close to while going to bible college in Iowa. Marilyn W. and her crew cooked lots of yummy food as usual. I had fun helping in the kitchen a little which brought back fun memories of helping at camp and rallies in the past, when I lived down there. I also was asked to life guard for the girls swim time and ended up getting a sun burn when I sat out in the sun to long.

  My brother Peter and family had recently moved temporarily to Iowa and so they were able to come to the rally too. We so enjoyed seeing and visiting with them! My niece Jaten is now 8 months old and we had only seen her once before (at 4 months) but she wasn't shy at all. She was still full of smiles and laughter and very good natured! The boys had a wonderful time playing with their cousin Nic. They made full use of the water fountain outside and had some good water fights to help deal with the heat.
Megan and Jaten taking a nap on that very hot afternoon.

 The weather was extremely hot and humid while we were there. Coming from Northern MN it was a bit shocking. We were sweating like we can't remember sweating for a very long time. While we sat listening to a sermon I could just feel the sweat drops running down my face. I just told myself to relax and enjoy losing weight while just sitting there. :-)

   On Thursday we headed home and stopped to eat a late lunch with my sister Anna and her kids in the Cities. Just north of the cities we were able to meet up with Ken (who had been down there for his work) and Megan and I rode the rest of the way home with him.

  I am glad we got to go on our quick trip but it is nice to be home!


Maria said...

That sounds like a beautiful mini-vacation. I love it when the family can get together like that. It is so important for future generations to see. And I love that you spent time with your grandmother.

The next time sweat is dripping down my face, I'm going to think of it as losing weight also and relax and smile!!!! Thank you for that thought! We have had the hottest summer in decades here in the Northeast, also!

Martha said...

Ah, It was so nice to see pictures of your trip and hear about it. Looks like a good time.

Abbi said...

Maria, I hope the relaxing and smiling works for you! :-) We have been experiencing fall like weather now that we have been home. I am loving it but I think it is supposed to get warm again this weekend.

Martha, We did have a good time, It would have been fun if you all could have been there too!


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