Friday, August 13, 2010

Would you like a glass of water?

 Last night we got back from a quick trip to southern Iowa. While we were down there we were reminded of just how hot we can get and how nice a cold drink of water is!!

  While I was thinking about water I also contemplated on how much money we probably save each year just be drinking water instead of pop, koolaid, coffee, and the list could go on and on! We do drink milk everyday (usually for two of our meals) and once in a while we will substitute the milk for juice, tea, yogurt smoothies or hot chocolate but other than that (except for Ken who does have his daily Mt. Dew) we drink water!

 Water is not only very good for you (and very necessary especially when you are sweating tons of liquid!) but it doesn't cost anything. Here are some of the ways we make sure to use water rather than something that might cost us a lot of money:

  • On trips whether long ones like our 500+ miles, one way, down to Iowa  or short little excursions to town we pack water bottles. We have quite a few sturdy water bottles and we will even reuse old pop or water bottles that people bring and leave at our place and we just fill them up and bring them along. That is all the kids and I drank on our recent trip and I would guess we saved probably $30 or so during our two long days of driving. (Estimating 3 items a day per person -5 of us- at $1 each.)
  • If you like to have really cold water (that isn't a real big deal for the kids or I but it is for Ken) some tips are to put ice in the wide mouth water bottles for at first and then for the water bottles for later on just fill with water, leaving a bit of space at the top and then freeze them solid and you can drink out of them as they melt. It is also helpful to bring an ice chest along to keep them in.
  • At parties I used to feel like I needed to have something special to drink to go along with the snacks but I found myself frustrated when I would clean up afterwards and find some sticky mess on the carpet somewhere that a drink had been spilled. Also I don't think sticky sweet drinks are good for you and so I decided that I would just serve water. We still have a good time without special beverages. I will admit sometimes people are surprised and not sure what to think when you offer them water but they learn to live with it.
  • I know some people that just don't care for drinking plain water, they always think they need pop, juice, milk or something that has flavor but we have avoided that in our family by offering plenty of water all the time. When we want a drink in between meals and even for lunch or sometimes other meals we will drink water. That is normal for us and I am glad!
  • We just drink tap water (which comes from our well) or the filtered well water that comes through our fridge. I know some people drink plenty of water but they buy bottled water all the time and so they don't save much money. I don't think there is any need for buying bottled water.
  • To encourage water drinking it is good to have cups handy and ice handy for those that like really cold water. Ever since my kids were little I have tried to have everything available for them to get a cup of water easily on their own. When we needed to buy a new fridge we chose one with the ice and water dispenser on the door as that makes it easy for the kids and easier for Ken to get his ice and so they all drink more water.
The savings that you get from drinking water doesn't just come from not having to buy other drinks. We also save money with less dental and doctor bills as water instead of sugary drinks keeps both our teeth and bodies much healthier!

What are your thoughts on drinking water? Does your family do a good job at that or would you be able to save a lot of money by starting that habit?

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All in a Day said...

We (most of us) drink plenty of water too. Ice cold is the best. :)

Abbi said...

A note of update - Ken has switched from Mt. Dew to coffee which I am glad about as it is cheaper and not so sugary.


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