Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some skirt remodeling

    At the beginning of this summer I was really in the mood for wearing skirts. I had one that I particularly liked that fit very comfortably and came just a little below the knees. I own a bunch of other skirts too, but most all of them were long and didn't feel very summery. So I wanted some "new" ones.

    I wanted "new" skirts but I didn't really want to buy any so I started looking around at what I already had in my house. I came up with several things and I have fixed up a few skirts and have a few more that I am planning on making.  I thought I would tell you about a couple of them today.
This long skirt (above) was one of the ones I already had on hand. I thought the fabric was pretty but it wasn't the style I was wanting so I decided to change it. I cut it off to the length desired and then I decided to use the fabric from the bottom to make a couple of layers of ruffles.

 This was the end result (though I apologize for the dark picture!) and I am happy with it.

I added some ribbon above the ruffles and then decided to put on one of my flowers that I had made as well. Now both the style and the fabric seem Summery (or Spring like) to me.

This dress above my Mom sent over to my house thinking I might like it for something as she knew I liked Sailor/patriotic type stuff. I didn't want to wear it as is but I did like the colors and I decided to make a skirt out of it.

I ended up making skirts for both Megan and I. Megan's is pretty short ( I was using what I had left) so it worked well for her to wear over her red cotton knit capris. I still have some fabric left that I thought I would use for a doll skirt.

 We wore them on the 4th of July and when we walked in the parade, which is why I have candidates stickers all along the bottom of mine. :-)

  Skirts are so easy to make and it is easier yet to remodel something you already have. I love being able to make something "new" for my wardrobe in just an hour or so.

 I am linking these projects up to the link party at Tea Rose Home (a fun blog written by an excellent seamstress).


Sachiko said...

Thank you for sharing your creations, you did such a nice job!

Sheila said...

Those all turned out so cute! A friend gave my daughter a fleece long skirt that I know she isn't likely to wear. I want so much to make it into a backpack, but I'm just still not quite sure how to start. I'm encouraged by what you did!


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